An intense face with a proud gaze, that of Cosimo I de 'Medici, is represented in the painting in 1545 by Agnolo Bronzino, and is one of the works of art, including memorabilia and personal objects belonging to the family doctors, which are located within the Museo de 'Medici which I recently visited thanks to ToscanaÈ, with the very interesting story full of anecdotes by Elena Petrioli and the technical help of audio guides Home Firenze.

I didn't know that there was a museum dedicated to this great dynasty and I found it a really nice thing, both to help us understand who they were but above all to better understand everything they did for Florence.

Born in 2019 thanks to some private collections gathered here from all over the world, the museum is located in Via dei Servi 12, right inside the Palazzo di Sforza Almeni, councilor of Cosimo I, and traces the history of the family in the Grand Ducal branch .

In the rooms the history of the family is told through the exhibition of original works of art, documents and relics, direct witnesses of the centuries-old dominion of the Medici in Florence.

The museum houses many unpublished masterpieces including Medici portraits of SustermansBronzinovan DouvenBaciccio e Pourbus the Younger as well as paintings, drawings and engravings by Pier DandiniCast outPreisslerof the BeautyLigozziSantiniSoderini e boscoli, a marble bust and a bronze by Foggini, one of the Piamontini and still manuscripts, printed books, medals and many autographed Medici letters. Among the curiosities there is also a large diorama illustrating the famous battle of Anghiari and the holographic reconstruction of the grand ducal crowns.

The event was organized by the association ToscanaÈ