Mr Commisso, Welcome! The awaited signature for the company handover will come soon, probably this Thursday, but in the meantime the agreement is there.

I wonder if the supporters in Florence are already preparing the banners, not only at the stadium but throughout the city as they had been upholstered on the contrary with the invitation to the Della Valle to leave. If they are not written, they will be choirs. In any case, striped star flags. For the feast of the new, as opposed to the weight of the anonymity of recent times. As football soon gives so takes away and the hosannas make room for whistles, but this is not the time and we hope to arrive as late as possible, maybe never.

At the 22 of the 2 June Rocco Commisso lands in Milan, and for those of the purple fans who just can't take it anymore it is no accident that it arrives on Liberation Day. Acknowledged at the airport by reporters waiting for Antonio Conte new coach of Inter, the next owner of Fiorentina masks the wonder with irony: "He's more important", is more important than me - says Commisso referring to the Italian coach and the sharp joke makes him if possible already a calabro- Tuscan who made his fortune in America. Accompanied by Joe Barone, his right-hand man, whom we will often hear about, are in Milan where Tod's offices are the Della Valle headquarters.

There is the meeting of almost two hours, face to face between the former and the new owner of Fiorentina. The figures dance just above the 165 million, so less than the 221 million invested by the Della Valle in the 17 years they manage and less certainly than they asked when they put Fiorentina for sale for the first time. Power, also, of the flash mob in the good living room of Florence in front of their shop. The indigestible mockery.

After all, history had been exhausted for some time. And it is not true that she was never born. Ask the Florentia Viola players or the incognito Fiorentina who took their first steps in the balloon world. He was another Diego, that one, but still tough. The character is the same and the final lunge is not missing. Read the note released by Fiorentina on its website:

“We read continuous news spread by others about the future of Chiesa and where the next championship will play. The current owner is keen to clarify that Federico is a Fiorentina player linked to the club by a long contract and therefore, as far as we are concerned, Chiesa will play in Florence next year and must be the symbolic player for the team that will be built ".

"The current ownership ... as far as we are concerned ...": in practice Diego passes the ball to Rocco. 'Let's see what you can do' - he seems to say, leaving the responsibility for the possible transfer of the "symbol player" to the new owner. We will know later whether the assignment of the Church had already been established as it was that of Roberto Baggio at Juventus in the alternation between the Pontellos and Cecchi Gori. In any case, the failure to sell the young Church involves a higher price than society. So we'll see. Because even more important than the choice of the coach, whether or not to confirm Montella still bound by two years of onerous contract, is that of the general manager to whom to entrust the reins of a company that cannot necessarily be followed first person on the spot, if not occasionally, by the new owner.

But the most important node is Federico Chiesa. Keeping him in Florence would be Mr Commisso's best response to the gauntlet thrown at him by Don Diego Della Valle. Even if making it the symbol of his Fiorentina would cost him several million euros more than perhaps what was originally estimated. Everything would then come as a consequence, from the investments in the sports center for youth teams, to the new stadium. We would only begin to worry when we learn the word capital gain in English.