Street art and theater, music and dance, Japanese juggling and aerial structures, circus shows and puppets, magical installations and handicrafts, are over 100 shows and events that every day will animate, 10 from July to 14, the streets and squares, the gardens and the crypts of Certaldo. It is "an exuberance, a feast of abundance", as he likes to define Mercantia, International Fourth Theater Festival, his artistic director Alessandro Gigli. The exhibition, now in issue number 32 and presented this morning at Palazzo del Pegaso, will be divided into 12 sections with 80 companies, with the European project "Mysteries & Drolls"And an animated choreography made by over 50 situations of contemporary art, installations and scenographic live craftsmanship.

"Mercantia taught street theater," said the president of the regional council Eugenio Giani - Certaldo alta is one of the most beautiful villages in the world, has kept its medieval profile, remained as it was in 1313 when Boccaccio was born. That epoch resurfaces in the vitality animated by street artists in an extraordinary and suggestive climate and in a memory that becomes modernity and future. Mercantia is a unique expression in Tuscany, in Italy and in the world ".

The regional councilor Enrico Sostegni he described Mercantia as "a moment of magic". "In addition to a festival that has become an international event - said Sostegni - it is an important artistic and emotional experience. The goal is to make Mercantia one of the places of street entertainment worldwide ".


With regards to the event, Gigli entered and spoke of "a festival steeped in spirituality and joy of living", of "a tribute to life". The director focused on the novelties of this edition, dedicated to the "Santa Allegria", which will see the first international productions of the project "Misteryes & Drolls" supported by the program "Creative Europe": Maracaibo (Spain) with" El Gran Teatro del mundo "; Tempus fugit (Germany) and Festival of fools (Great Britain) and with Teatr A (Poland) with Stanislaw & Boleslaw. Always among the news there will be for the festival section "tribute to…"The debut of three artists with three works dedicated respectively to Gabriella Ferri, Fabrizio De Andrè, Jesus Christ Superstar and then, in addition to the European sacred theater in a contemporary juxtaposition, space for Japanese clowning.

During the festival, on the road, you can meet the BadaBimBumBand, Musical Alchemies, the Arcambold. Finally there will be well 10 "secret gardens"Or intimate shows for a few spectators. The theme of "Santa Allegria" is then reinterpreted also by craftsmanship, art and installations curated by Francesca Parri of Exponent. Art installations on one side and craftsmen to live work in every part of the village, including metal working, weaving, weaving, carving and wood inlay. While in Praetorian Palace the exhibition “will be open to visitors, included in the entrance to the FestivalObsession. Gioconda direction”, Works by the artist Franco Fossi, edited by Laura Monaldi.

The press conference was closed by the mayor of Certaldo, Giacomo Cucini, which underlined how Mercantia is "the largest investment that the Municipality makes in the field of culture and promotion of the territory" because "we believe that this form of original but accessible spectacle and the enhancement of our villages as a stage, give added value to the territory Tuscan". The mayor hopes that the 2019 edition "will make a further contribution to the development of this idea of ​​culture and of Tuscany, increasingly attended by citizens and experienced by tourists as an experiential and authentic place". The councilor for culture of Certaldo also attended the meeting with journalists. Clara Conforti.

The shows will be held every evening from 19 to 1. To consult the program

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