Saturday August 17 2019, in marradi, returns the most magical night of the year: the overwhelming Night of the Witches, which will once again transform the entire town into an open-air theater, with artistic sets, exhibitors, actors, live shows and DJ sets.

This year the event, announced by'Marradi municipal administration and organized by Pro Loco, will accompany us in a disturbing and surreal world of fairy tales, turning their perspective upside down: the fairy kingdoms will in fact be dominated by villains, by those who, in every happy ending, have always had to succumb and witness the inexorable victory of the good. But the hour of revenge is about to strike, the triumph of evil is coming, the 17 August you can watch the ruthless revenge of the evil: who will be the worst of the realm?

Just enter the village to be kidnapped by a haunted and unreal atmosphere, meeting disquieting presences and the most terrifying characters that now they hold the reins of command in their kingdoms; witches, wizards, demons, wicked kings, pirates, fantastic creatures will in fact animate the scenic locations with choreographies and original representations to which visitors will also be able to take part. An articulated and spectacular route: in the square of the Animosi theater, you will be immediately involved by the features Mexican musical atmospheres of the world of Coco, with gipsy ballets e games for the public, in the fervor of the celebrations of the day of Los Muertos.


Proceeding towards the center of the country, be careful not to let yourself be enchanted by the evil and powerful Jafar sorcerer, since Aladdin, victim of this new triumph of evil, will no longer be able to save you; continuing the route, another haunted place awaits you: the castle of the treacherous Malefic witcha, who now has the power of woodland creatures in his power, but also dominates the realm of humans, inflicting torture and punishment on King Stephen, the young prince and the incautious spectators who dare to come closer; going beyond, in the characteristic alley of the Archiroli, the dark world of the hunchback of Notre Dame, now at the mercy of atrocious torture by the evil judge Frollo with the help of the Gypsy puppeteer Clopin; visitors will be catapulted into the disturbing festival of fools and it will be difficult to resist the temptation of those who offer aphrodisiac potions or foresee the future. The central Piazza Scalelle will be illuminated by spectacular fireworks. Going back up the main street, at the fountain you will find the enchanted place of the sea kingdom, where the wicked Ursula has already imprisoned the sinuous sirens and Ariel is now a victim of the lethal pact with the witch.

At the top of Via Talenti, the infamous boat awaits you Captain Hook, but Wendy, Giglio Tigrato and Trilli were also forcibly enlisted in his crew. What atrocious end will destiny hold for the naive Peter Pan? The smallest visitors, who want to escape evil, through the tunnel of the enchanted forest leading to the Tennis Club, they will find shelter at the refuge of good fairy tales: an area dedicated to children, with themed entertainment and games.

La event will begin at 18.00 with the opening of the food stand The boar cave, at the Mercato Coperto and next to the Teatro degli Animosi, with typical culinary specialties such as tortelli di patate, porchetta and wild boar spit and many other goodies among which the novelty of this year: wild boar burger.

The shows will start at 20.30 instead with the characteristic parade of all the characters, actors, extras and dancers along the central streets of the town, before reaching the various positions that will then begin to come alive, continuing until 24.00 hours.

A midnight the famous burning of the witch with fireworks display on the bed of the Lamone river, visible from the top of the bridge. The party will then continue at Park Pool with Dj ift, where you will continue dancing until late at night.

During the evening there will be a awarding of the most original masks, so theme clothing will be appreciated and visitors who want to participate will be invited to register for the competition during the party in the village.

Let yourself be swept away by the magical and disturbing atmosphere of this haunted night. And as if by magic, once you enter the vortex. You will be the protagonists of the revenge of evil. Who will be the worst of the realm?

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