It should have been staged during Maestrod'Olio in Florence, an event already scheduled in the Tuscan capital from 14 to 16 March 2020 but, as announced, due to the dramatic health emergency underway in the country, postponed to 2021. For this reason, the presentation of the Terred'Olio 2020 guide it took place online, conducted by Fausto Borella from the Lucca headquarters of the Maestrod'Olio Academy and with the companies obviously interested spectators, each at his own home, in compliance with the current rules in force.

Terred'Olio 2020, eighth edition of the guide, collects the best of the national olive panorama, with well 128 companies present and 256 selected oils. Two pages are dedicated to each reality, in which, in addition to the description of the activity and its products, the surrounding area is told, with advice on places to visit and on food and wine shopping to be done. In addition, a nice local recipe, suggested by the producers and to be redone at home, in which extra virgin olive oil is obviously the absolute protagonist.

And like any self-respecting sector guide, the prizes cannot be missing: the 26 new Maestrod'Olio crowns. The coveted awards were awarded this year to 22 manufacturers which, during the last oil campaign, have particularly distinguished themselves for the quality of their extra virgin. The regions most represented are Tuscany, with 5 awarded companies, Lazio, at 4, then Puglia and Umbria, both with 3 awards; followed by Sardinia and Calabria (2) and finally Abruzzo, Campania and Sicily (1).

There are also four special prizes. Two of these are new, namely that of Oleologist of the Year, assigned to Luca Mencaglia, and that of Character of the Year, given to Giuseppe Mazzocolin of the Fèlsina company. The Enoteca Pinchiorri in Florence was instead awarded the Recognition Giancarlo Bini (first Italian oil sommelier, who had the courage to select 107 oils in his cart inside the Ombrone restaurant in Grosseto). Finally, chef Marco Stabile, from another Florentine restaurant, Ora d'Aria, was awarded the Recognition Sauro Brunicardi (late Lucca chef at the forefront on the theme of extra virgin olive oil).

Crowns Maestrod'Olio 2020 in Tuscany

Tuscany. Ramerino farm. Monocultivar Frantoio

Tuscany. Maiano farm. Laudemio oil

Tuscany. Az. Agr. Giacomo Grassi. Oil The Dream of Pinzimonio

Tuscany. Az. Agr. Talente. Tuscan Cassiano PGI Oil

Tuscany. SS Agricola scovaventi. Ostro oil

Tuscan companies successfully entered in the Terred'Olio 2020 Guide

  • Venetian Fonte Farm
  • Ramerino farm
  • Buonamici Farm
  • Fattoria di Maiano
  • Matrix
  • Giacomo Grassi Farm
  • Altomena farm
  • Talente Agricultural Company
  • The frog
  • Clivio degli Ulivi
  • Olearia Santella company
  • Time
  • Collemassari
  • La Pietraia
  • La Maliosa farm
  • SS Agricola scovaventi
  • Guastini Eleonora farm
  • LeoVerde
  • Podere Le Mezzelune
  • Podere Arduini
  • Fubbiano farm
  • La Badiola
  • Belvedere farm
  • Villa Santo Stefano
  • Renzo Baldaccini
  • Tenuta Maria Teresa
  • Marini Farm
  • Bellandi Agricultural Company
  • Podere La Costa
  • Fèlsina
  • Azienda Agricola Buoni or Del Buono Maria Pia
  • Fattoria del Biancheto oil mill
  • Il Poggione Estate