“I have in common with Lorenzo Bonechi the origins, that is the Valdarno, however, even though I knew his work and appreciated it a lot, I hadn't thought of creating an exhibition on him until, day after day, I began to observe how carefully his painting was built. There is no approximation in his works: like that of Malevič, Bonechi's painting is also careful, exact, studied in every detail ”.

To speak Andrea Alibrandi, director of the Galleria il Ponte in Florence who tells how to induce the idea of ​​creating the exhibition Lorenzo Bonechi. Of radical works. Paintings and papers 1982-1994 (edited by Carles D. Marco), was the work Heavenly City (1988, oil on canvas, 100X70cm) that little by little kidnapped him, showing him all the personality of its author.

“Exhibitions are born in many ways; there are even exhibitions that at first seemed like good ideas but then turn out to be wrong, lacking the power they seemed to have in conception. But there are also exhibitions like that of Lorenzo Bonechi that arise because little by little the works 'speak' and never cease to reveal their depth, the intensity that comes from the perfect combination of colors and lines ”. And this is precisely the sensation that one has when observing Bonechi's work, namely that of being faced with the impact of the "refined exercise of showing the invisible in the visible",


as the editor writes Carles D. Marco in the critical text of the exhibition catalog. The works of this artist, who died prematurely at 39, show original elaborations of the historical-artistic heritage of our country, from Byzantine painting with its hieratic character to the Tuscan fourteenth century and even some elements of the fifteenth century.

Andrea Alibrandi, the bridge gallery

The cold and lively colors that characterize the great works on display attract the visitor right from Via di Mezzo (Florence), where the gallery opens: it is a colorful call that appears almost unusual given the period we are experiencing. Although, in this regard, Andrea Alibrandi you explain: “Undoubtedly, Covid has had its devastating effect also in the art world: the turnover of the galleries has, as it is logical to imagine, undergo an inevitable decline.

However, as I understand the gallerist's work, the backlash was not as devastating as it could have been: today we work a lot with collectors and often our business is also carried out with professional consultancy in the artistic field, going well beyond the mere preparation of an exhibition. The exhibitions are showcases, however the real work of the gallery owner takes place behind the scenes, away from the limelight of the vernissage lights ".

The exhibition Lorenzo Bonechi. Of radical works. Paintings and papers 1982-1994 (curated by Carles D. Marco), organized in collaboration with the Lorenzo Bonechi Archive, will be open until December 30th at the Il Ponte Gallery in Florence.