Pestelli creazioni di Firenze launches the contest “the casket of memories”The most beautiful way to give a new and precious life to a finished object in a drawer.

"The idea for this contest was born during the long period of forced quarantine at home" - he tells me Tommaso Pestelli - “Maybe it will have happened to you, as happened to us, in a moment of nostalgia to reopen a drawer and find an object tied to a beautiful memory in your hand: a small shell found by the sea, the grandfather's watch that no longer goes, a stone found in the mountains… An object linked to an unforgettable memory of a person, a place or a situation that we jealously keep. Every time we find it our memory flies free and takes us far making us feel better. But why leave it closed in a drawer? "

Hence the new challenge of Tommaso Pestelli, jeweler in Florence who carries on, together with his wife Eva, the goldsmith tradition of the family, a production that Pestelli which is characterized by a refined elegance, with mosaic work, precious and hard stones, as well as corals and pearls.


“It would be nice to transform this object of memories into a jewel and be able to always carry it with you” - continues Tommaso - “by wearing it or displaying it at home in our favorite corner. So let's launch this challenge ... "

To participate you can send an email to with the photo the object of your memory and one short story (no more than 20 lines) that tells the anecdote that binds him to you and that makes it special by June 30 2020.

Among all the stories and photos of objects received, a winner will be chosen who will be made of silver - for free - his "souvenir jewel".

The choice will be made by evaluating the originality criteria of the two elements (object and anecdote). The lucky winner will be able to participate with their suggestions in the design phases, thus helping us to reflect their history. The "souvenir jewel"Once ready, it can be picked up by us in Borgo Santi Apostoli 20 / ra Florence, or it can be received by post.