The show moves on a double register “The tenant. Radio drama ", skillfully played on two parallel levels: that of the 'on air' reading of a novel for an elusive radio program and the extravagant dynamics between the protagonists who give life to comic sketches with a tight and very engaging pace.

In a recording studio four radio actors - played by Roberto andrioli, Fabrizio Checcacci, Lorenzo Degl'Innocenti e Elena Talenti - are preparing to broadcast the radio play based on the novel "The Tenant"of Marco Vichi. The problem, however, is that one of the actors, already busy with another online job, has to replace the rumorist at the last moment, the other two are quarrelsome lovers and the fourth seems more worried about chatting. And despite the fact that everything happens in the breaks, between dazed commercials, at each countdown before the broadcast the actors return to concentrate on their microphones to recite the text without errors.

“The tenant. Radio drama " was born from an adaptation of the first novel by the Florentine writer Marco Vichi who, together with the actor Lorenzo Degl'Innocenti, he also edited the version for the stage.


"The text ofThe tenant'it seemed immediately perfect for a theatrical adaptation but, over time, we realized that the winning idea was to create a double dramaturgical track playing on the device of the radio play ", he explains Roberto andrioli which, together with Fabrizio Checcacci, completed the work of writing and staging the text.

The show draws its comic strength from the combination of the conflicts experienced by the characters in the novel, the actors on the set and an endless series of unpredictable gags.

“For this staging we took inspiration from the metatheatre genre and from some masterpieces such as, for example, Michael Frayn's“ Noise off stage ”. - Roberto says - Among other things, my role is that of the actor-noise maker and this has allowed me to draw on my experience in the field of Commedia dell'arte and to play with my colleagues with a series of comic jokes " .

The piece, premiered on 6 August at Calenzano Castle on the occasion of the review Calenzano Summer 2020, the 23th August in the square of the Church of Lorenzana (Pisa) as part of the festival Utopia of good taste di Gascon Theater.

“The tenant. Radio drama " is the latest work produced by The Sound Machine, Florentine cultural association active in many theatrical-musical training projects and brilliant theater productions. The association was born from the friendship and artistic partnership between Roberto Andrioli, Fabrizio Checcacci and Lorenzo Degl'Innocenti who in recent seasons have made themselves known with The Complete Works of William Shakespeare in 90 minutes, a hilarious parody that will return to Rome on August 18th, on the stage of Gigi Proietti's Globe Theater.

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Photo by Chiara Camera.