The Florentine nurse in force at the Military Pharmaceutical Plant of Florence, has been awarded the prestigious title for professional commitment and for having operated with particular social purposes.

The anthem of Italy was the worthy opening of the ceremony for the delivery of the 29 honors of the Order of Merit of the Republic Palazzo Medici Riccardi in Florence.

"25 April, May Day, 2 June, 4 November are appointments that see us devote a thought to our identifying values" - he recalled Alessio Giuffrida, Prefect of Florence - "it is therefore important not to relegate these values ​​to the simple formal reference of the celebration"

Among the winners the First Marshal Camillo Borzacchiello, military nurse who for years has alternated between studying knowledge and research.


"I worked for 25 years in a transfusion service where I was to colleagues on the battlefields" - he says Camillo Borzacchiello - "but also as a logistic support to the pediatric hospital in Kimbondo and to that in the Democratic Republic of the Congo."

In recent years he has been appointed project manager "Orphan drugs" At Florence Military Pharmaceutical Factory  where he was able to come into contact with numerous associations that assist and follow patients.

Recently he was also the author of the volume "It is rare or better mothers. The social commitment of the military pharmaceutical chemical plant for rare diseases " where the author allows the reader to acquire and understand the different points of view of all those involved in the disease and in the treatment process.