In the months of the quarantine, many of us took advantage of the time at home to discover new and old passions. There are those who have turned to cooking, others to gardening… and there are also those who have improvised as a writer.

It is the case of the students of the 2nd A astronomical course of the Gobetti-Volta institute in Bagno a Ripoli, which between March and May they wrote a book of short stories suspended halfway between the chronicle of those strange days and science fiction. A blurred boundary for many students, who suddenly found themselves in a situation that was unthinkable a few days before - a dystopian scenario that was thought possible only in science-fiction novels. The inspiration came precisely from the reading in class of a short story by Isaac Asimov entitled "Man's faithful friend".

In recent weeks, with the return to distance learning and the entry into a new, partial, quarantine, the idea was born of collecting those stories in a real book. First in digital version, thanks to Google's “Book creator” function; then in paper version, thanks to the contribution of Bagno a Ripoli who will print some copies of the volume.


The books will be delivered to the student-writers and made available to future "freshmen" of the Gobetti-Volta during the next "open days" of the school, testifying to the involvement of the students in interdisciplinary didactic methods such as that of strengthening Astronomy.

"The students of Gobetti-Volta who wrote these beautiful stories are very good - commented the mayor Francesco Casini and the school councilor Francesco Pignotti - and also very good their teachers who have best managed distance learning both in the first phase of the emergency and now. Together they have shown that they know how to raise their eyes from the difficulties of the present to fly higher with their imagination ”.

"Fortunately my interest in astronomy, the universe and the stars - concludes a girl on the pages of her imaginary diary - makes me understand that in all infinity we are not so far away and that a few months are not for always". For the teachers of the class and for the headmaster Simone Cavari this thought, like the other reflections contained in the book, is an example of the way in which, through the passion for a scientific subject or the reading of a literary work, students know find the tools to understand the world around them.

At this link you can consult the book in pdf version