After the great success of the events that took place between 26 July and 6 August, "Le Signe Art Festival”Will restart with a wide calendar of events. A kermesse that presents opera and theater performances in the area as well as exhibitions and night walks.
“For centuries the great Arno river has divided our communities,” said the artistic director Alessandro Calonaci “But thanks to the commitment and unity that our mayors have maintained in this period of emergency, the Arno will unite our communities starting from the culture addressed to its citizens through an arts festival. Art and culture will be i collectors that will unite us. Recognized artists and excellences of our territory have been and will be involved also in the international field. For the first time the community (artists) through the community (municipal institutions led by two enlightened mayors who for the first time actively collaborate) will involve the community (citizens). "
The realization of the Festival is due, in addition to the mayor of Lastra a Signa Angela Bagni and to the mayor of Signa Giampiero Fossi, at the Coop Le Signe members section, at Consiag, at the Pro Loco di Signa and at Pro Lastra - Enrico Caruso.
“All the events we propose have been and will be carried out according to the regulations in force. The places that have been and will be involved in the implementation of the events (all chosen to enhance parts of our territory) will have a limited number of accesses. Admission to each event has been and will be free. The events took place and will take place in the municipalities of the Signe. ”, Assures the artistic director Alessandro Calonaci.
Thursday 27 August at 21 pm
Night poetic path in the hills of Signa led by the mayor of Signa prof. Giampiero FossiWith the participation of Cristina Poli e Dania Nassini of the Company Clumsy.
Monday 31 August to 21
At the Concone di Signa the actor Filippo Frittelli will stage "With John Milton in the coils of hell“Accompanied on the harp by the artist Annamaria De Vito.
Wednesday 2 September at 21 pm
The Festival will continue with the parade "A river of Paglia - The great beauty of fashion in the hats of the Consorzio della Paglia" curated by Elena Frandi, at Piazza della Repubblica in Signa.
Sunday 6 September at 21
At the town hall of Signa, “Dannunziana: from Alcyone to Fiume in the footsteps of D'Annunzio” by and with Alessandro Calonaci together with his company Mald'Estro, will see the participation of the soprano Barbara Marcacci and the piano of maestro Cristiano Manzoni.
Monday 7 September at 21 pm
“Musical night” concert for piano and flute with the masters Gabriella Dolfi and Luciano Tristaino, at the Mother House of the Passionist Sisters of Signa.
Thursday 10 September at 21 pm
At Korea in Lastra a Signa: "Back to the sixties and the season of love - Beatles Drama" by Eugenio Nocciolini, with the artistic and stylistic performance by ITS Mita Academy.
Friday 11 September at 21 pm
Conclusion of the Festival with "Oedipus re what must happen happens" from the text by Sophocles, directed by Filippo Frittelli with the Underwear Theater Company, in the garden of the Antico Spedale di Sant'Antonio in Lastra a Signa.
The Festival program is online on the websites of the two municipalities, on the Festival's Facebook and Instagram pages.