"La Rete", the first novel by Elisa Giobbi

The network is what tends Nico, the protagonist, to her victims, to the multitude of men who seduces and fall madly in love with her. The network is the one in which Nico herself falls - first the viscous network of addictions, then the one hatched by her stalker. The network is the non-place in which this story is consumed by the circular structure, in which the unspeakable, the suspects and the shadows count as much as the events narrated.

On the background of an unpublished and hidden Florence, a fanciful novel set in the extraordinary decades of the last half century, which tells the path - so twisted and intermittent as ambiguous and profound - of a female friendship, revealing the labile nature of each boundary: condemnation and forgiveness, reason and sentiment.

The two protagonists, Emma and Nico, follow a common parable that then will fork up to a strong ending. The not short-sighted gaze will note you, a little 'from a distance, Pratolini; in short, there is in these pages the full taste of a literature that is well anchored to its best popular and "communal" tradition. That's why I think it's right to speak, even of "Florentine romance", not so much for the naked and raw events, but for that particular good taste that Elisa Giobbi has managed to spread throughout her book.


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