The band La Polverosa celebrates 25 years of activity with a unique event, a concert at Teatro del Maggio in Florence, embellished by the soloist Marco Pierobon to the trumpet.

"The Juppiter association acts in the Comprensivo Verdi of Florence from 25 years" - he says Andrea D'Amico, teacher of the Juppiter association - “we started with a flute orchestra. Then 11 years ago we turned the flute orchestra into a band of wind and percussion. From that moment it was an escalation of successes that today leads us to play at the Teatro del Maggio. "

The evening that took place on Monday 25 March, was opened by Tuscany Junior Band, formed by former pupils of Polverosa and the middle schools of the comprehensive Verdi, who then continued the study path of the instrument both single and bandwidth.

Giulia Raimondi, teacher and Cristina Giachi, Deputy Mayor Florence

“The Toscana Junior Band is the result of three twin projects born in Florence, Monte San Savino and Reggellor "- continues D'Amico -" The former students meet once a week in their respective offices and carry out the project of the band and study of the instrument. "

The concert continued with the La Polverosa Band, formed by students of the comprehensive Verdi to finish a choral concert with all the students of the Juppiter association. A beautiful and engaging evening, which told the most authentic meaning of music.

"These are kids who start studying music in the first media, parallel to their studies" - continues D'Amico - "choose their wind instrument or percussion, and begin a course of collective and individual lessons. The biggest result is that in December, after just two or three months of study, the boys make their first essay. "

Students, during their studies, carry out an original repertoire for band, also loves transcriptions and film soundtracks, rather than pieces for solo trumpet.

A training course of great value is the one carried out by the many young people who every year renew their interest in musical education, little talents that maybe one day we will meet again on the stage of Sanremo.