The new novel by Giovanna Cardini, published by Booksprint, was presented in Florence on Friday 9 October 2020 at the library garden Free Books, in via San Gallo, 25r. A storybook for children (but not only) that teaches that, through the art of magic, it is possible to recognize and manifest one's talent.

"Magic is a colorful art"Is a book for children (but not only) which, through the narrative device of the fairy tale, suggests to the reader that, with patience and love, it is possible to regain self-confidence and overcome those limits and fears that often represent obstacles - cognitive, emotional or relational - that prevent us from being calm and from achieving our personal goals.


In Cardini's book, magic is an art, it is the power to help someone arto find one's talent, to recognize and make visible the truth of things, and uses colors, words, as well as nature for this purpose; it is also an act of trust that overturns the rules of logic and awaits an answer.

The protagonists of the three stories (a dragon, a bat and an eagle) address each of three Wizards to rediscover the lost serenity and the magicians, who are very wise but also "imperfect" and have transformed their own weaknesses, their own flaws in strengths, they know how to listen to the suffering of those who still cannot fly and can find the right antidote for each case; the magician is the one who makes the impossible possible and is convinced that "anyone can solve his problems if he wishes".

Giovanna Cardini “The magician is like the artist, like him he also uses color which, as we know, has great power. Even the magician, like the artist, sees reality as it is but also sees what it could be; it captures some elements and distorts its order by offering a new vision: an experience that helps the other to find their own nature. The tales of my three magicians are born from the desire to encourage readers to value what one is, to believe and to dare. Many people are stuck and don't know that in reality a special encounter, for example with a work of art, is enough to feel something and start a journey in search of oneself. The aim is to free yourself from blocks and get to express and manifest your talent. It is no coincidence that my book, devoid of illustrations, has blank pages to draw: I would like the reader, after reading each fairy tale, to express himself freely by drawing his own interpretation of the magician or the magic I tell ”.

  • The author

Giovanna Cardini was born and lives in Florence, where she works as a physiotherapist and listening counselor. He directs the Merlino Bottega d'Arte gallery and conducts writing and artistic counseling workshops aimed at recognizing and enhancing individual talents. She is the author of: "The rediscovered chaos, dialogues with dementia" (ed. Sellerio), "All down to earth" (ed. Armando), "Art as excess", "The painting of V. Van Gogh", "The room and the light in the female question", "The painting of J. Vermeer, The body and the seduction" and "The artistic performance of M. Abramovic" (ed. Pacini Fazzi). He recently opened an "Artistic Gym" with the aim of helping participants, through targeted exercises, to recognize and use their talent, to express themselves in work and relationships and get involved in a personal project.

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