A story of love and friendship with the great passion for the Empoli team in the background, "The Blue City”Is a pleasant provincial novel, its author is a very supporter Elena Marmugi empolese doc, transplanted to Milan where for years she has worked in the Virgin Radio team.

“This novel can reach everyone, except for the blue colors, any provincial fan can be found in the feelings of Alfredo, the protagonist”, explains the author.

A novel full of curious anecdotes about the Empoli football team and the protagonists of its one hundred years of history; scrolling through the pages, we also find many curiosities concerning the city in the province of Florence.


“How can, for example, be the story of the first Miss Italy in history, Rossana Martini, a girl from Empoli who even won over Silvana Pampanini. - explains Elena - There is the story of an excellence of the territory, the Sammontana ice cream company, because this is certainly a story within history. I also tell some curious events, such as the time in 1983 that Empoli ended up in an issue of Topolino telling 'La Presa di San Miniato' by Ippolito Neri ”.

And it is precisely Christian Militello, also author of the preface, to tell us at least three good reasons to read "The Blue City".

“Because it's a simple story, in which you laugh a lot, cry and reconcile with the ball. - specifies Christian - Because he paints very well a certain way of living football in which I believe that every fan can see himself again and, finally, because it is short, you can read very well, in one breath and is suitable for everyone ”.

A story of love and sport also told with hilarious Tuscanisms.

“The dialogues between the protagonists are in Tuscan, with this typical interlayer that gives the book musicality”, concludes the writer.

The book published by Goal Book Editions and is available in the best bookstores and online stores.