The perfect dinner? Made with truffles with a capital T


The occasion is a really special dinner for "insiders", journalists and food bloggers or simply gourmets, always with a fork in his pocket and a glass in his hand. The invitation is one "woman doc" Stefania Calugi, a Tuscan entrepreneur leading the truffle and mushroom company that bears the same name.

"November is the month in which she founded the company in 1987" - he says Stefania Calugi - "and also the culminating moment of the collection period of the Tartufo BiancoThis is therefore a double celebration for me "

The table is set inside the restaurant "The Shop"Della Fattoria di Maiano, a magical and country atmosphere with a view of the city lights.

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The beginning of the evening is sprint, immediately a delicious aperitif with a mix of pecorino cheeses, fresh and curled, paired with three wonderful sauces, on all the figs and truffles.

Then at the table, with a menu inspired by the 90 years, those in which Stefania Calugi started its activity, it was in fact the 1992 as it moved into the current plant of Castelfiorentino (FI) occupying a structure of 400 square meters. equipped for the conservation and processing of fresh truffles.

"When the dog hears it, it perceives the truffle to be collected, even if it is not large", otherwise it risks ruining ".Lady of the Truffle"

After a fresh carpaccio of beef fillet with rocket and Parmigiano Reggiano, comes a very special dish: quail eggs on polenta disk, sawn artichoke and white truffle, the combination is perfect: VinOrange was originally the Fattoria Poggiopiano, aged in amphora.

"Luckily I do this job" - Stefania is freewheeling- "I'm a fan of truffles, I would eat it even at breakfast. This year has been a good year of both quantity and quality, especially on our Samminian hills. "

Pici with white truffleThe first one arrives, Come on with "snowfall" of Tartufo Bianco fine, a tribute to the lands of the province of Siena, and then morsels of guinea fowl stuffed with chestnuts and sliced ​​Truffle with cabbage, where the black truffle is fully expressed, icon of Stefania.

Chunks of Faraona stuffed with chestnuts and sliced ​​truffle with cabbage"Our Tartufo Nero preserved in oil is an excellent product "- goes on Stefania -" in particular for the restaurant and above all in the main courses, on a red meat or on the fish where it is even more exalted "
To finish the dessert: English soup and truffle honey, to reiterate the culinary ductility of the truffle and its complete pairing in a complete meal, from appetizers to desserts.

In combination the wines all produced in the area, those of the Fattoria Poggiopiano, an organic company with a beautiful story to tell and with important projects behind it.

The evening ends with the promise to meet again soon, very soon.

Enjoy Chianti

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