Who said the good lampredotto should it only be enjoyed standing up, perhaps near a smoky and busy street? A stone's throw from Piazza Santa Croce in Florence, in the so-called "Via del Gusto" was born Baldovino La Bottega, a small Florentine brasserie where we can savor excellent recipes based on this ingredient.

In Florence we call lampredotto the part of the abomasum stomach of the bovine that includes the gala, a lean part characterized by very tasty purple crests, and the corn corn, fatter and harder part with a light color, boiled for many hours with odors at will.

"Together with the lampredotto we can also find schiacciate, meatballs rather than typical Tuscan preparations such as nervetti and a large pantry full of high quality products from highly selected companies." - he tells me Massimo Bocchetti, owner of Baldovino Firenze.

Lampredotto can be found in the classic version (salt, pepper and green sauce) but also in zimino (spinach or wild herbs), with artichokes, all'uccelletto (sausage and beans) and with leeks and potatoes.

I decide to taste the classic one, served in an original pan and paired with two toasted bread that make the bite very pleasant. The taste is delicate, the meat is tender and cooked to the right point; a preparation that certainly meets even the most difficult and suspicious palates of this dish of our Tuscan tradition.

I pair the lampredotto with a good glass of rosé, in fact in the shop we can also find a decent selection of both Tuscan and national wines, which certainly enrich the taste experience.

Once the lampredotto is finished, I ask for another Florentine must: the liver crostini that are served to me on a nice wooden cutting board; I change wine and take a red Bolgheri.

I must say (and I am absolutely sincere) that I can consider these livers among the best I have ever tasted: finely chopped dough but not too much, intense and round taste, with a long and sweet finish, very appetizing.

“I cook the livers with onion and a clove of garlic, then add sage, anchovy paste, whole anchovies and capers. - he tells me Niccolò de Riu, executive Chef of Baldovino Firenze - When cooked, blend with the vinsanto and then add some butter and chop everything. Our strength is to be able to work daily raw materials of the highest quality, in fact we have the Franciscan cuisine, which is part of our chain of restaurants, which allows us to work and obtain preparations that we can then find here in the Bottega. "

Finding this place in Florence was a very pleasant discovery for me, in the next few days I will also pass to try the Franciscan cuisine, where you can taste the most classic Tuscan recipes and the best wines of our region. Stay tuned.