Even a Florentine DOC can eat very well at the I'Tuscani 3 restaurant and this is not a foregone conclusion, given that we are in the historic center of a tourist city like Florence, where satisfying the most demanding palates is not that simple.

Fortunately, the chain of Florentine restaurants I'Tuscani has always chosen quality and this thanks to the constant search for really excellent raw materials and ingredients, as explained Remo Giannattasio, supplier manager.

“For us the raw material is fundamental, the Chianina meat, for example, comes from the company San Giobbe di Chiusi, in the province of Siena, which raises animals according to the principles of the closed cycle to guarantee controlled meat, incomparable from the point of view of taste. "

The occasion is the preview presentation of the new historical menu of the chain: a mix of Tuscan tradition and great authenticity.

The tasting opens with a pleasant aperitif made with tomato soup and croutons enriched with an excellent Chianina meat sauce even if it is the appetizer, a rich cutting board for two, that immediately attracted my attention.

Composed of three excellent cured meats - a capocollo, a 16 month PDO ham and a wild boar salami - as well as a delicious Chianina tartare, coarsely cut, on the cutting board I also find a portion of cheese Grand Mugello Ubaldino (always a certainty) accompanied by the precious wildflower honey from theIl Pino farmhouse and a plate of peposo, the ancient stew cooked in wine, a true Tuscan delicacy.

“I cook peposo in wine and broth, so we do in Casentino - explains the cook, Vincenzo Florido - I use a delicate sauté prepared with carrot, celery and pepper as a base, I do not use garlic because we have encountered several allergic people and then not everyone likes it ".

Among the various ingredients I really appreciate the chicken livers prepared with anchovies that are offered to me with Tuscan bread. Pitted with wine - and not Vinsanto as it is often used in Tuscany - they leave a dry and very delicate taste in the mouth.

Dinner, accompanied by an excellent red from Montalcino "Pian della Vigne”Continues with the Maremma steak, served with a nice plate of grilled vegetables and fried potatoes. The meat is really good, very tasty and soft, I also find the fat tasty.

“The sirloin steaks are matured for 40 days while the other parts are used for tartare, roast beef, chianina ragout and peposo. Here we don't throw anything away, ”he says Remo Giannattasio who then adds: “We are experimenting a lot, always high quality products, now for example we are also trying Limousine meat. We are interested in the goodness of the ingredients, also as a drink, in addition to wine, we only offer IGP Tuscan spelled beer ".

In closing, a delicious mascarpone cream with cocoa sprinkling, milk unfortunately for me, but still excellent.