The preparation of the Higher Technical Institute allows and facilitates self-employment, the start of new entrepreneurial realities, the activity of consultant and freelance; the graduate is able to manage the entire marketing process of agricultural and agro-food products, commercial relations and activities related to the launch of enogastronomic productsthe. The diploma of superior technician EAT directly allows access to the qualification exam for the profession of Agricultural expert.

The training centers of Grosseto, Florence, Cortona (AR), Pistoia are currently active in Tuscany. The social structure ofIts Eat it consists of more 25 companies, 12 educational institutions, 10 training agencies, 7 institutions and professional orders, 4 universityThe research centers are the members of the Its Eat, they invest to improve the competitiveness of companies in the sector and the employment of young people.

“Its are tertiary (post-diploma) schools with high technological specialization - explains the councilor for education, training and work Cristina Grieco - born to respond to the demand for new and higher technical and technological skills by companies. The Region is investing heavily in this training segment which, precisely because of this strong link with the local economy, is giving decidedly positive responses both in terms of employment opportunities and business innovation. The result of the completed paths of the ITS Eat confirms the validity of the choice undertaken and encourages us to continue along this path ”.

The Its Eat already has five courses (two of which have already been completed) with excellent employment effects.

Two new courses are starting for the 2018-2019 training year: AgriMktg 4.0 (senior technician for the control, enhancement and marketing of agricultural, agri-food and agro-industrial productions) oriented towards marketing and the use of new technologies in the horticultural sector as well as in agri-food processing; (superior technician for the production and marketing of local products) which arises from the need for professional figures related to communication, marketing, enhancement expressed, among others, by Consortia of the Chianti Classico and the companies with the name of San Gimignano, Vino Nobile di Montepulciano.

Recipients of the Its path are young people with a secondary school diploma. In Tuscany the ITS Foundations are 7, distributed among technological areas of energy efficiency, sustainable mobility, new technologies of life, new technologies for Made in Italy (systems mechanics, fashion, food, home, business services), innovative technologies for cultural assets and activities.

For the training year, 2018-2019, a total of 17 new courses are being launched throughout the region for an increasingly varied and differentiated training offer, financed for 4,6 billion euros by the European Social Fund.