Travelling. The deportation to the concentration camps, shows at the synagogue in Siena

Eleven panels trace the experience of Jews deported through their stories and show how the journey was already a stage of murder; will be inaugurated Sunday 13 January (11 hours)


The exhibition will remain open until the 10 February, at the presentation the curator will intervene Sara Valentina of Palma e Lamberto Piperno Corcos for the Jewish Community of Florence - Section of Siena.

promoted by Jewish Community of Florence and by ' Historical Institute and Contemporary Age of Pistoia with the collaboration of CoopCulture, the exhibition was staged in the 2017 in Pistoia, on the occasion of the Day of Remembrance. Curated by historians Sara Valentina Di Palma and Stefano Bartolini, retraces the experience of deportation through the words of the survivors and tells how already the journey with the death of the weakest and especially with the cancellation of the personality of those who were considered no longer human beings, but objects, was the first step of ' annihilation.

Among the many words of the few survivors were chosen the most representative and exemplary, for diversity of origin and affairs lived by deportees, notoriety of some and vice versa semi-unknown tales, both foreign and Italian people, Jews lived and deported even by small Tuscan realities . The installation proposed for the Siena Synagogue is enriched by a sound path that proposes some passages from the text of Alba Valech Capozzi A 24029 published in Siena in the 1946. Alba Valech, Sienese, the only survivor of his family, deported from Siena in November 1943 together with other Jews, wrote one of the first books of testimony on Auschwitz out in Italy.

The exhibition can be visited on Sunday, Monday and Thursday from 10.45 to 16.45. It is possible to book guided tours of the Synagogue and the exhibition even at different times.

For information 0577 - 271345;;

Synagogue of Siena - Vicolo delle Scotte, 14

It will be open to the 10 February


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