The story of a country, its people and its working ability told through artifacts, photographs and audiovisual testimonies.

"Our intent is to transport you, through a real and virtual path, to the historical and emotional origins that allow the renewal of a real magic every year" - he says Riccardo Lazzerini, president of the Grape Festival of Impruneta - “thanks to an archive that will be updated from year to year, we have managed to put together many objects, many things. I like to think that we find people who are no longer there and who have been part of this incredible community, which every year is divided into the four districts, able to create as many unpublished shows that compete for the terracotta 'shard', too. it is the symbol of our land and our excellence ".

"On a large monitor it is possible to view the stories of the districts, films and all the various events relating to the September festival", explains Tommaso Poggini, Grape Festival of Impruneta.

A place that of Grape Festival Museum, which arises in the spaces made available by Banco Fiorentino but also thanks to the support of realities active in the Chianti area such as Rotary Club San Casciano Chianti.

Paolo Raffini, president of Banco Fiorentino

"I think it is a sign of attention that really strengthens the distinctive sign of the Cooperative Credit Banks" - he declares Paolo Raffini, president of Banco Fiorentino - "which are local banks, which want to continue to be local banks, and which annually allocate part of their profits to the benefit of the territory."

Nicola Menditto, president of RC San Casciano Chianti

“As a club we have contributed financially to the creation of this museum” - he explains Nicola Menditto, president of RC San Casciano Chianti - "the Grape Festival museum is a happy idea born spontaneously by the women and men of the Impruneta districts, and I believe this will be the starting point for similar initiatives in Italy."

The museum is located in Piazza Buondelmonti, in Impruneta, and access, for the moment, is free.