The ceramics of Impruneta finally has its mark of protection in Piazza Buondelmonti took place the ceremony of "Marking piece 0" of the furnishing members adhering to the CAT brand.

"Artistic and Traditional Ceramics" - he explains Alessio Calamandrei, Mayor of Impruneta - "which is a mark of protection for what are the terracotta works made in Impruneta. Unfortunately, the impruneta brand has always been abused by those who did not have the right to use it "

The event has been inserted in "Good morning Ceramics", The 3 days of clay art and crafts, organized from the Italian Ceramic Association in collaboration with Musiwa.

"We have brought numerous international artists to Impruneta" - he explains Francesco Chimienti, Musiwa artistic director - "that with their works have interacted with this Tuscan product of excellence: the Terracotta"


"The combination came with both the local farms" - he continues Alessio Calamandrei - "but also with contemporary art with pieces of the highest value".

In these great kilns are produced artifacts of excellence of the territory, an art that of the masters of ceramics that dates back to the 1300.

The unique and particular minerals are the main feature of the clay of Impruneta which return to the terra cotta at high temperatures, a high resistance.

"For this reason it is easy to find artifacts from the 1600 / 1700" - he explains Lorenzo Andrei, Fornace Poggi Ugo - "Impruneta earthenware arrives all over the world but especially in the countries of northern Europe where our earthenware resist even at very low temperatures. "

The story of Impruneta it is linked to a double knot with the culture and sentiment of women and men who have always made love with a product of great beauty and value.

"Because the malleability of the Terracotta"- concludes the mayor Calamandrei - "is always ready to be reinvented by human hands"