It will be the face of a Florence that is partly new and unexpected, but always beautiful, to emerge from the rich calendar of free guided tours of the "I'll tell you about Florence" initiative, which will accompany the Florentine autumn from October 16 to December 18, just in time to give way to Christmas.

Conceived by the Florentine Confcommercio with the contribution of the Municipality of Florence and the promotion of Feel Florence, the initiative was presented today (Tuesday 5 October 2021) at Palazzo Vecchio with a press conference attended by the councilor for tourism of the Municipality of Florence Cecilia Del Re, the president of Confcommercio Toscana Aldo Cursano, the regional director of the trade association Franco Marinoni and the national president of Confguide, the Florentine Paola Migliosi.

The tours, 30 in total, will make use of the narrative voices of the Confguide experts, which will accompany the discovery of places and itineraries rich in charm and history, even if less known. The goal is to highlight hidden parts of the city, enhancing each area, walking through all the neighborhoods far and wide to reveal monuments and artists of every era, famous people and curiosities, but also typicality, clubs and shops. And it is precisely to shopkeepers, and more generally, to service sector entrepreneurs, that these visits are aimed primarily, so that they become convinced "beauty ambassadors" for their customers.

There are many destinations to discover with the guide of Confguide professionals: from the hidden gardens of the Oltrarno to the Florence of Vasco Pratolini or that of the musicians, “from Gianni Schicchi to Piero Pelù”. From the Liberty villas outside the walls to the Florentine "Spoon River" (the cemetery of Porte Sante and that of the English in piazzale Donatello), passing through the historic Artemio Franchi stadium, the villages of Quaracchi and Brozzi, the murals of the Isolotto or even Peretola with the church of San Biagio in Petriolo. And again: Rationalism in the city between the Tobacco Factory, the Puccini Theater and the S. Maria Novella station, the Siviero and Stibbert collections, Arcetri and much more.

The number of places available is limited and varies according to the scheduled destinations. There is therefore an obligation to book by contacting the guide who will take care of the visit. Also keep in mind the obligation to have a Green pass to access closed places.

"I'll tell you about Florence" calendar of guided tours                            

OCTOBER 2021    

  • Saturday 16 at 10,30 "Walk along the Arno, how the city changes: from the ancient Cascine Park to the new Palazzo della Musica " - Rita Romanelli (349 713 0776)
  • Sunday 17 at 15,30 pm "The San Niccolò district, between art, stories and traditions " - Katia Martinez (333 902 0960)
  • Saturday 23, 10,30 am "Firenze Green: the Horticultural Garden, the Orti del Parnaso, Villa Fabbricotti" Silvia Barsi (
  • Sunday 24 at 16,00 "The village of Settignano, a walk through the landscape and stories of illustrious characters" - Annalisa Marraccini (347 696 0039)
  • Saturday 30 at 10,00 "The park and the Stibbert Museum, the Baden Powell garden" - Laura Amato (347 319 9454)
  • Saturday 30 10,30 am “Secret gardens. The hidden gardens in the Florentine Oltrarno "- Sabrina Scardigli (335 380 936)
  • Sunday 31 at 10,30 "Villa La Petraia" - Virginia Lacey (

NOVEMBER 2021                                

  • Saturday 6 at 10,00 “The lemon house of Villa Strozzi and the Church of San Bartolomeo in Monteoliveto"- Ilaria Lucaccioni (328 441 4478)
  • Saturday 6 at 15,00 "Antiques collections in XNUMXth century Florence" - Paola Migliosi (339 361 6434)
  • Sunday 7 at 10,30 am "The girls of San Frediano, Pratolini's Florence" - Gianna Mercatanti (
  • Saturday 13th 10,30 am "The Poggi ramps in San Niccolò, a" counter-current "path - Antonella Lodolini
  • Sunday 14 at 10,00 "The village of Castello and the Royal Villa" - Natascia Bonciolini (328 696 3533)
  • Sunday 14 at 14,30 pm "Florence, capital of Italy: the squares that tell the story of the Florentine nineteenth century" - Simona Spocci (347 587 3266)
  • Saturday 20 at 10,30 "The cemetery of the Holy Doors, Florentine Spoon River" - Silvia Cappelli (
  • Saturday 20 14,30 pm "Seeing the stars again ... Arcetri and via San Leonardo" - Stefania Fioravanti (
  • Sunday 21 at 10,30 "Florence in music, from Gianni Schicchi ... to Piero Pelù" - Ilenia Sala (333 401 8995)
  • Saturday 27th 10,30 am "The Santa Maria Novella station, a masterpiece of Italian rationalism" - Fabiana Fabbri (328 737 4717)
  • Saturday 27 14,30 pm "Rationalism in Florence: the Tobacco Factory and the Puccini Theater" - Daniela Carbone (347 336 5642)
  • Sunday 28 at 10,00 "Quaracchi and Brozzi, ancient villages of the Florentine plain" - Viola Geri (349 092 0509                                                                        

DECEMBER 2021                                 

  • Saturday 4 10,00 am “Liberty Walk“ outside the walls ”. Art Nouveau in Florentine villas "- Corinna Carrara (333 622 2989)
  • Saturday 4 10,30 am “The path of water. Walk along the Arno from the Anconella park to the municipal rowers "- Luciana Masiero (338 109 9543)
  • Sunday 5 at 10,30 "Florence in the ball: the Artemio Franchi stadium" - Elisabetta Stumpo (
  • Saturday 11 at 10,30 "The islet and the dream of La Pira" - Michele Cimmino (331 344 4774)
  • Saturday 11 at 15,00 pm "San Frediano, Florentine" east village "- Daria Dmitrieva (
  • Sunday 12 at 10,30 "The rooms of memory, visit to Casa Siviero" - Elisa Martelli (347 311 4464)
  • Sunday 12 at 15,15 pm "The Certosa del Galluzzo, work of man, divine landscape and meeting of paths" - Monica Tarloni (
  • Friday 17 at 14,30 pm "The island of the dead": the cemetery of the English "- Caterina Zanobetti)
  • Saturday 18 at 10,30 "Peretola, and San Biagio a Petriolo" - Martina Quagliozzi (339 422 9064)
  • Saturday 18 at 10,30 “From the Oratory of the Madonna della Querce to the Mural of Jorit. Journey through the time of mural painting in the Isolotto district ”- Elisa Benedetti (331 925 3002
  • Sunday 19 at 10,30 "The church and the village of San Martino a Mensola" - Angela Tomei (