Rotary connects the world, a literary café in Florence [VIDEO]

In Florence an organized literary café organized by four Rotary Clubs, a meeting that connected art in a transversal way

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The intent is to bring together all the ways of artistic expression through confrontation. And so four Rotary clubs they gave birth to Florence to a literary coffee which had as its main theme the dialogue and theinterconnection.

The meeting took place Thursday April 4 at Montebello Splendid and was organized by Tommaso Moretti, Antonio Lera, Sandro Sabia, Natalia Ottoveggio, Armando Ferraro and Noemi Marino.

Antonio Lera, Chairman of the Rotary Club Teramo Est, and author of Time and beauty, he explains that this initiative was born “To try to put together everything that I think needs mirroring, to be able to work together within an original idea like that of literary cafes in Italy and Europe that may perhaps be able to enclose the secret to change inertia in this society that is going far from those that are cultural, moral and spiritual values ​​".

Sandro Sabia, Prefect of Rotary Club Lorenzo the Magnificent, he is very satisfied with the event, he wants to remind us that “The literary cafe, organized in collaboration with four other clubs in the District and other clubs is a very interesting appointment and I really hope that it can become a regular event, perhaps an annual one, too in Florence, maybe even wider and that could involve more and more writers and important artists ".

Writers, painters, but also researchers have given life to an afternoon of reflections on the many themes that bind the art world. The research presented on Tesini, ancient sellers of prints, which today we can define as the forerunners of modern communication.

"They invented the civilization of the image, they are the ones who first understood that there was this desire on the part of everyone to have images, representations on which to dream, imagine the worlds that they did not know. The images enriched the stories ", explains the researcher Carlo Enrico Paciaroni.

Among the books, Stories of women, tales of pain between psychological violence and abuse.

And for Paola Del Mastio, Chairman of the Rotary Club Lorenzo the Magnificent the theme of the violence against women is very much felt: “I have marked my year as president of Rotary on the no to violence against women and minors and therefore, also on this occasion, I wanted to reiterate, through the award I gave to Monica Pelliccione, author of Stories of Women, the importance of such a delicate subject ".

In this regard, the writer Monica Pelliccione states: "We have discovered that there is an undergrowth, a huge submerged psychological violence perpetrated also in the workplace, so it is a new and little treated sphere, even devious because where there is management power also in the workplace, as well as in the economy , the woman really has difficulty in facing what may be a pressure perpetrated in that sector ".

And then paintings that tell a beautiful and perhaps still little known land, the Lucania.

"I would like to make a novel, perhaps illustrated with various paintings, obviously relevant - the teacher tells us Sabrina Pugliese - so as to give a non-critical but subjective eye, even if fairly faithful because so many things are seen from the inside ”.

Many topics have also been addressed, such as climate change, which today the poet interprets in a personal key.

The writer Angelo Sagnelli, author de Time is the energy of matter, on this topic he specifies: "Writing a poem his intention is to try to open a new way to express his suffering, his bad moods, his loneliness but also to give a new face to the family, to society, to the world ".

A literary café that has seen the arts as a solution to the ills of this time, a continuous search for the other in a world that perhaps still creates too many distances.

"This is a perspective in which more than globalization we talk about being together, about the possibility of building things together and can only be done in full acceptance of the other," concludes the president Antonio Lera.

At the event the characters honored for having particularly distinguished themselves in being inspirational and favoring connection and socio-cultural growth in the various sectors were: Renato Romano (Literature), Leo Bollettini (Literature), Monica Pelliccione (Non-fiction) Sandrino Aquilani (Literature), Natalia Anzalone (Literature), Catia Barone (Journalism), Sabrina Pugliese (Painting), Peppe di Caro (Photography), Domenico Onori (Architecture), Natalia Ottoveggio (Interior Design), Stefano Appollonio (Decorative Arts), Carlo Paciaroni (History) Antonio Lera (Literature), Angelo Sagnelli (Literature), Franca Berardi (Literature), Veruska Puff (Art of Burlesque).

The following books were also presented: Stories of Women by Monica Pelliccione, Time is the energy of matter by Angelo Sagnelli, The number man by Franca Berardi, La Naja that I didn't want by Renato Romano, Time and beauty by Antonio Lera.

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