It was 2018 when the commemorative marble statue of the count Nicola Demidoff in Florence was seriously vandalized, the work, built by Lorenzo Bartolini between 1830 and 1849 it is made up of five statuary groups: Charity, Siberia with the God Plautus, La Musa dei festini and La Verità. The group is dominated by the statue of Niccolò Demidoff with his son Anatolio with gratitude to the side. Today, thanks to the intervention of the Palazzo Spinelli institute for art, the delicate restoration works of this important Florentine monument have begun.

"Bring the head of the god Pluto child back to its ancient splendor, in the arms of one of the four allegorical figures representing the virtues of the Russian noble" - he explains Emanuele Amodei, president of the Institute for Art and Restoration Palazzo Spinelli - “it is a very delicate operation, to carry out which we are using the most sophisticated instruments available. The long period of pandemic has forced us to temporarily suspend the construction sites in progress. But our desire, from the moment we decided to adopt the sculptural complex of Piazza Demidoff, is to restore its monument to the city in full beauty. Unfortunately, during the long period of forced inactivity, vandal writings on the lower part of the statue were added to the disfiguring acts of 2018. Today however - the president continues - the site has been cleaned up, restored and made safe and the restoration work will start from the cancellation of these writings, thanks to the special laser for cleaning the stone.

The restoration was also financially supported by a donation from RC Florence Lorenzo Il Magnifico, which has always been close to the recovery activities of the Florentine artistic heritage.

“Both I and all the members of the club are very happy to have contributed to this service” - he declares Pietro Lombardi, president 2020-2021 RC Firenze Lorenzo the Magnificent - “every year as a club, we dedicate a service to the enhancement and conservation of the city's artistic and cultural heritage. This year we have decided to support the recovery of this monument, also and above all to return Piazza Demidoff to its former glory, a historic but at the same time active and lively place of our Florence. "

The opportunity to visit the restoration, allowing the members of the Florentine club to find themselves in the presence after many months, the pleasant spring day enlivened the tour that started from Piazza del Carmine and ended precisely in Piazza Demidoff, to discover places and anecdotes of a little known Florence.

“I liked showing the city not so much as we are used to seeing it” - he says Maria Paola Migliosi, tour guide - “but above all to discover it, speaking of Carlo Pitti, by going to discover the Torre dei Lanfredini rather than the Palazzo Ferroni. A way for the Florentines to discover their city. "

“It was great after a long time” - he concludes Pietro Lombardi - "In recent months we have spoken on the phone or on the zoom platform, but seeing us at the present even just to simply throw a kiss was wonderful."