Say Wine

A landscape born of sweat
alternates with dense woods,
silent arms of sacrifices
they offer colors and sayings.

Harmonious, on neighboring rows,
vines stretched out by man
a fruit called grapes
wonder when it becomes wine.

Born under the sky,
grows in a vat
you play if you drink it,
you sing and dance while it rains.

This and other poems are collected there Il poet farmer, the new book by Leonardo Manetti, winemaker in Greve in Chianti, where he produces wine and declaims his landscape, his life and his loves in verse.

"Most of my poems are born in the environment where I live every day, which represents a bit of me, I take inspiration from what I live, from my everyday life and also in this field my poems are born." - Leonardo tells me - "Often in my words I recall nature and I speak of love because obviously feelings give the strongest emotion, I also speak a little of the social because a person who writes thoughts in my opinion must be careful about that that surrounds us, to what happens ".

The book of poems by Leonardo Manetti is available at his company in Greve in Chianti, or it is possible to order it through the best online store