From the microphones of the heart a special greeting explodes for a project shared by an entire community. Happy birthday Radio Chianti! The memory of the Grevigiani and their desire to be together, immune to the signs of the time, relives in the many protagonists who contributed to the birth and growth of the radio.

Everything started from a dream, open, ambitious and intergenerational, launched by the intuition of a visionary pastor: Don Giuseppe Reggioli. The desire to keep company with everyday life, experimenting and innovating, creating moments of aggregation, succeeded in setting the campaign days with the flight of the little blue bird, symbol of Radio Chianti. The dream of transmitting sound content from the repeater installed on the peaks of Monte San Michele, surpasses the borders of Grevigiani to arrive and cover most of Tuscany on the frequencies of 92Mhz.

Almost half a century later, "my free song" resounds in the ether. It was one of the first private broadcasters in the history of Italian radio that entered the homes of a small country town with the songs of the years '60 and' 70. The community rediscovers and traces the activity in which the radio took off and remained in flight for twenty years. The occasion is the presentation of the publication "Our free singing”The first on the history of Chianti radio. A book that the author, the journalist Matteo Morandini, tells the audience with the testimonies of those, including conductors, authors and technicians, who dedicated time, ideas and energy to the birth and development of the radio, one of the first freedoms of Italy born in 1978.


"In his eighteen years of activity, from 1978 to 1996 - states the author Matteo Morandini - Radio Chianti represented the voice of Greve and Chianti in the ether and has given the opportunity to dozens of people, for several generations, to leave a mark, no matter how big, in the history of Italian radio. But the most important sign these women and men have left in their lives, with a youth that thanks to that experience has been richer, more alive, more beautiful to remember and to tell ".

"That is how Radio Chianti - adds the mayor Paolo Sottani - has fully entered the history of our community, today, after forty years, the project that gave birth to Radio Chianti shows an incredible relevance, an experiment that could be repeated among today's young people. We are in a moment in which the sense of community is much less present, in which individualisms often prevail at the expense of team spirit at all levels, and it is precisely in moments like this that the need for beautiful and positive with a medium to long term perspective. And then: happy birthday Radio Chianti! ”.

“We enthusiastically joined in the creation and printing of the book” - he says Lisa Volpi, EnjoyChianti - Chianti Multi Service - “how Radio Chianti was a pioneer in taking Greve's message beyond its borders, too EnjoyChianti today it retraces the same path of promotion of a beautiful territory. "

In the 1976 a ruling by the Constitutional Court sanctions the liberalization of the ether. In 1978, two years later, a priest, Giuseppe Reggioli, founded Radio Chianti, which then belongs to the group of the very first free radio stations. Radio Chianti has ceased to broadcast in the 1996. Don Giuseppe Reggioli has disappeared exactly thirty years after the birth of the radio.

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