In an exhibition, promoted by the Municipality of Florence, Organization MUS. And in collaboration with the G alleria Eduardo Secci Contemporary, the twelve works (t r a panels, marbles and bronzes) of the Irish artist are set in the perfection among ancient masterpieces, finding surprising possibilities for dialogue.

The exposure Kevin Francis Gray it is one of the many cultural and artistic initiatives, painfully postponed due to the pandemic and which today allows us to regain possession of one of the most cherished spaces in Florentine history with renewed enthusiasm and amazement. Plastic, sensual forms, veiled figures, use of the unfinished, classic poses yet revisited in a contemporary key in skilfully worked marbles starting from clay models: Kevin Francis Gray transmits its own interpretation of reality, of life and death through a reinterpretation that has its roots in Celtic culture and in Ireland, its homeland.

A fascinating vision that gradually wins the visitor's attention, seducing him with the ability to arouse sensations hidden in the folds of the unconscious.


An art that does not impact that of the ancient masters, but approaches it and finds its place within the rooms. It is not by chance that the curator of the exhibition explains Antonella Nesi:

“Gray's works insinuate themselves among Bardini sculptures because they have a classic language. The working of Gray's marble is an ancient process, as it could have been that of Michelangelo, that is, using the chisel, using the manual skill typical of the great artists of the past.

Kevin Francis Gray's works were also an opportunity to inaugurate a new room in the Bardini Museum, now perfectly restored: the Hall of Venetian ceilings. The list of works on display can be downloaded via QR code on a panel at the entrance to the museum, as the author preferred to opt for the absence of captions at the various works.

“In this museum, contemporary art must enter on tiptoe. Of course, it must make you think. It must make us reflect on this juxtaposition of the sculptures, these works that also have a great sensuality in the gesture of Kevin Francis Gray that relate to the marbles, with the tiles, with the columns, with the even so particular colors of this museum. Here is this exhibition, I really like it because it fits on tiptoe, but in a context that is not easy to read "declares the councilor for the municipality of Florence Tommaso Sacchi.

Kevin Francis Gray it will be open to visitors inside the spaces of the Bardini Museum until next December 21st.