"Il moto delle cose" presented in Florence the book by Giancarlo Pontiggia

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Il 'Motion of things' it is a book "different from the others I wrote": There is something mysterious "that escapes the possibility of giving it a configuration ...". Path from doubts, questions, is a book that comes from far away "; expresses the aspiration to the "didactic poem, to the pre-Socratic poems, to the fragments that have affected our poetic history".

In the pages of the book of poems 'The Motion of Things' by Giancarlo Pontiggia, presented in Palazzo Medici Riccardi, on the initiative of the international poetry magazine 'Gradiva' and the Metropolitan City of Florence, "everything I read, thought, lived "In many years.

After the institutional greetings, Michele Brancale and Luigi Fontanella, director of Gradiva, took part. So Pontiggia told how his latest book was born and read some texts.

The new book by Pontiggia, for Luigi Fontanella, completes the research path of the author who has always posed the question of the meaning of poetry trying to bring it to light. Fontanella has used the figure of the diver to attribute to Pontiggia the ability to descend in depth to grasp "what remains after a sieve", after "a continuous rogatio", between "horror and wonder, two reactions that guard the enigma of the world ".

The 21 sections and 72 poems of 'The motion of things' according to Michele Brancale place the author and the reader "before the mystery of life and time, from the beginning to the 'last things', to the time after time: there is like an irruption, a revelation, that breaks into the ordinary and that shakes. The 'motion of things' is something in life that belongs to us and escapes us and in which we remain nevertheless immersed ".

Among those present in the Sala Pistelli, which hosted the meeting, also the poet Luca Giordano. "In these poems of Pontiggia - Giordano intervened - I find the rebellion at the same time that expels the mystery and, on the other hand, the search for a word that is not there, while many other words, in our time, die" .

(photo: Antonello Serino)


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