Goat's cheese: good, artisan and Tuscan

Vertical Calugi Truffles

The Caprine Agricultural Company is born in 2016, but it is in the university classrooms of Milan that the project of Michela Matteo and Raffaele to become breeders of dairy goats and processors. Thanks to studies in Animal Husbandry they understand the importance of a different approach to breeding in order to produce high quality cheeses.

"We have 60 camosciate goats from the Alps in production" - he says Michela Bisanzio - "but the idea is to get at least 100. We immediately decided to draw inspiration from French cheeses, for us they are masters with Capra's milk. We do not want to emulate but to create a product that recounts the character of Tuscany, with French refinement. "

The types of cheeses that are produced, strictly from raw milk, offer both a goat's milk and goat's milk approach, such as goats processed lactic coagulation To the ladle fresh and a flowery crust, both an olfactory and gustatory sensoriality typical of northern Italian regions as crusts washed and tome-tomini with a flowery crust.

Fresh goats with fennel

"We still like to be able to have fun with spices" - he continues Michela - "and different refinements and we are continuously experimenting!"

What Michela Matteo and Raffaele they want to transmit through guided tours on the farm, it is the passion for their work, the research and the constant study of dairy art and, above all, the importance of animal welfare as a starting point for a quality product that expresses the characteristics of the territory.


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