A new monthly column enriches our newspaper starting from August 2021. A sparkling and rather unusual space dedicated to an art experience (ranging from exhibitions, cinema, theater, to music, fashion and even architecture) which will be associated with a Tuscan wine. A 'sentimental' combination, sometimes based on an elective or even simply geographical affinity.

“The chic aunt booklet is the phonebook name of Mariella De Francesco, blogger, graduate in literature and passionate about writing but also sommelier by passion.

“I like the idea of ​​telling the rossorubino.tv public about my encounters with some artistic realities that excite and surprise me and, since I love the world of wine very much, I thought I'd find and propose combinations with the Tuscan one. Suggesting a connection, the 'fil rouge' between two realities, that of art and that of wine, is a very fascinating experience ", he says Mariella.