The good Made in Casentino extra virgin olive oil

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A few kilometers from Florence, in a valley of enchanting landscapes are born oils of the first pressing with a fruity and decisive character. A passion for extra virgin olive oil and for its precious benefits that was born many years ago, when Cinzia Chiarion began a process of recovery and production of its plants.

"For some years I have started a process of improving production" - he says Cinzia Chiarion, Poggiotondo Agricultural Company - "to keep the plants healthy I have involved Giorgio Pannelli of the Spoleto Agricultural Experimental Center, which immediately intervened in correcting those "small" errors that were made during pruning. In particular from my husband, who does not understand anything about olive trees. "

The typicality of the product is the joint action of variety and territory and it is only by respecting the characteristics of the plant that the maximum qualitative and productive yield can be achieved.

"For a good production the olive tree must be kept healthy" - he says Panels - "its apical predominance must be maintained, that is the self-control of the vegetation, that is by having the maximum activity checked at the bottom, limiting the one at the top."

"It's a pruning a polyconic vase" - goes on Chiarion - "where the whole lower part is kept, the one that makes the olives."

Moraiolo Leccino and Pendolino are the 3 types of cultivars from which the bland is born Walloons, unfiltered extra virgin oil packaged in dark glass bottles of maximum 500 ml.

The unique characteristics of the Casentino also return an oil already awarded to the Sol of Verona as best fruity, The Rancole it is the monocultivar of moraiolo, with a strong flavor with long notes of bitter and spicy.

"We have won this important recognition in the fruity category" - he continues Chiarion - "For us it was a great joy, it is indeed a recognition that rewards all our efforts."

"The Moraiolo with its intrinsic characteristics, which are those of an oil with strong sensations" - he says Panelli - "in this territory, the Casentino finds its ideal habitat, creating uniqueness between variety and territory."

The extravergia of olive we can consider it one of the main foods of the Mediterranean diet, it provides many beneficial properties, as a doctor Cinzia has for some time also activated a portal where you can consult a lot of information on the extra virgin theme:

"On the portal every specialist in his field explains the properties and benefits of extra virgin olive oil" - continues Chiarion - "which is obtained from the simple pressing of the olives. "


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