Social and biological agriculture in support of disabilities, passion for the land and farming practices are the core of the project l'Ortocolto, the farm that among the pans of the Sunday market of Panzano in Chianti, has set up a special showcase with the zero Km productions cultivated and sold by a group of farmers with disabilities.

An opportunity for work, social responsibility and integration that has won over the public in the Chianti market. The protagonists of the initiative are the direct growers of theCultured vegetable garden, people with intellectual disabilities, involved in agricultural activities that range from cultivation to processing and sales of products.

"A concrete experience of social and economic value - declares the councilor for social policies Cristina Faini, present at the initiative - which combines the possibility of achieving the desires of autonomy and dignity of special people and developing sustainable farming paths, I was struck by the enthusiastic look and the hands at the work of the youngsters of theOrtocolto, an opportunity to make the most of local productions through will, love and constancy, values ​​that stimulate the growth and well-being of anyone who plants a seed in the soil of different abilities ".


Francesco sold preserves and jams, Anna Maria took care of the ribollita and pappa al pomodoro, while Stefano and Gigetto methodically and accurately supplied the counter with fruit, vegetables and food.

The project theOrtocolto, the social cooperative that from Arezzo has made a 'fresh' incursion into the heart of Panzano in Chianti in collaboration with the private Rehabilitation Institute Mother of Divine Providence of the Passionists, has proved a success for producers and consumers. In the square of flavors, which every Sunday invades the historic heart of Panzano in Chianti, under the gazebo provided by the Grevigiano Volunteer Association in front of the Butcher's Dario Cecchini who supported the project, the Chianti community has been able to know a reality of high social value that creates opportunities for employment in the agricultural and agro-food sector in favor of disability. Despite the first rigid temperatures, the citizens have crowded the market and bought various products of short and seasonal supply chain proposed by the boys of theOrtocolto including legumes, aromatic herbs, preserves, seasoned sauces and other certified organic products. Volunteers fromGrevigiano Volunteer Association who provided assistance and support throughout the day. Avg volunteers have put in place training and experience derived from the attendance of a specific national level course for fragile category operators.