In the generous Chianti today we discover one of its best fruits, a refreshment at 600 meters not far from Greve.Immerso in a unique territory, that of Lamole, where we can still taste ancient recipes of the Tuscan tradition.

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Il Ristoro di Lamole is a beautiful restaurant located in one of the most spectacular panoramic points of the entire Chianti area, halfway between the cities of Florence and Siena. 8 km of scenic road surrounded by cypresses, olive groves and vineyards is the distance that separates the village of Lamole from Greve in Chianti or from Radda. From the terrace of the Ristoro di Lamole you can admire suggestive sunsets which, depending on the seasons, take on breathtaking colors.

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The simple and elegant cuisine is based on the constant research and selection of quality raw materials that the generous territory of Chianti makes available to us as well as a special care for the presentation of dishes. The staff of the young and competent cuisine is expertly orchestrated by the chef Valentino who during the many years spent at the Ristoro di Lamole has been able to appreciate the simplicity and genuineness of his dishes.