You like ice cream? Yes, of course, and a few days ago I was lucky enough to enter a laboratory inside the 'sancta sanctorum' of one of the most talented artisan gelato makers in Italy, Vetulio Bondi  - The ice creams of Bondi, in Florence in via Nazionale 61 / R, corner with via Faenza - who showed us how the first ice cream was made, the so-called 'Florentine cream', a cold cream dessert created in Renaissance Florence to amaze the important guests invited to the table of the Medici.

The ice cream of those times is not comparable to what we are used to today, but the success was such that the 'Florentine ice cream' immediately became famous.

Tulio Bondi  he is not only an excellent master ice cream maker, one of the best ever and president ofFlorentine Artisan Gelato Makers Association, Tulio is a volcano, a performer, you would be watching and feeling him for hours while in his Florentine laboratory he mixes ingredients and magically transforms them into ice cream and in the meantime he tells you recipes, anecdotes and secrets.

This time, he also removed a few pebbles from his shoes, revealing the mystery of black chocolate and green pistachio. Are you curious? You just have to look at the stories I saved in the Highlights of my Instagram page (@sandrapanerai).