It is one of the myths of American cinema, an interpreter of memorable gangster movies, but also the face of Inspector Marlowe, protagonist of The Queen of Africa, The Colossus of clay, Sabrina, The great sleep, just to mention some films: Humphrey Bogart.

"We want to tell the story in 10 / 15 min poetry, life, death, memories, the hopes that this great actor has been able to evoke" - he says Enrico Zoi author of the cinemonologist - "As Time Goes By it's a bit like his soundtrack, so the title and input from which we started "

The original text written by Enrico Zoi, a Florentine journalist and writer, is "an imagination" between the poetic and the theatrical and the art and charm of the mythical Bogey.

"There are so many images, many pictorial frames" - he says Massimo Blaco, interpreter of the monologue - “which sewn together form the figure, of the character and of the man Bogart. With a particular sensitivity for Bogart's partners "


A cinemonologist where Enrico tried to respect the synthesis of the cinema, and also the chiaroscuro of the black and white of the beautiful film "Casablanca"