On April 14, the 10th Permanent Commission (Industry, Commerce, Tourism) in the Senate approved the resolution "Deal on support and promotion systems for tourist services and production chains associated with the enhancement of the territory (n.401) ".

The resolution is composed of 16 points that address the heavy crisis that the world of tourism is experiencing due to the epidemiological emergency, which has led to the limitation of the activity if not the temporary closure of the operation of many branches of the tourism industry.

For this "economic development linked to the tourism industry will require particular attention in the context of forthcoming legislative initiatives”Reads the resolution.

Among the various commitments, in point 12 the Government is called to "give impetus to the reorganization of the national discipline concerning the exercise of the profession of tourist guide, in particular with reference to the specific skills necessary for the exercise of the profession, by their nature connected to the infinite variety of historical, artistic, environmental, food and wine, social contexts , in order to bridge the gap that favors the discrimination of Italian operators in the sector compared to foreign colleagues, as well as to limit the precariousness, particularly widespread in the sector; "

Maria Paola Migliosi, president of ConfGuide, Federation of Italian Tourist Guides

"We are going in the right direction, we have been waiting for years for a serious and complete reform of the tour guide profession" - he declares Maria Paola Migliosi, president ConfGuide - “our profession is of strategic importance for what concerns the dissemination and enhancement of the historical, artistic and monumental Italian heritage and can represent a driving force for the restart of tourism in Italy. We ask to define with the new minister a serious and shared plan of tourism promotion in which the tourist guide represents an important point of reference for the tourist / traveler for hospitality, welcome and experience of the place visited ”, concludes Migliosi.

ConfGuide he hopes that the Government will quickly transpose the directives of the commission and implement all the measures necessary for the implementation of the guidelines indicated.