Equipped with gloves and bib, they challenge the colder temperatures of these days angels of urban decoration di Greve in Chianti, while not neglecting one of their greatest passions: the environmental volunteering. The group of young people between 18 and 37 years old, coming from Strada, Greve and Florence, is moved by a spirit of aggregation, a sense of civic responsibility and attachment to the territory. THE Ris, which ironically identify themselves in the plural form of We collected the filthy ones, continue to work to keep the area clean and to implement virtuous objectives and practices in the name of protecting and safeguarding the environmental heritage of one of the most beautiful areas in the world, appreciated by citizens and visitors.

One Sunday after another, they meet in the areas that are considered the most critical from the point of view of abandonments and they work, with method, perseverance and organizational skills, to remove objects and waste of all kinds, including bulky items, which soil and create degradation in the woods and countryside areas of Chianti.

"In the last outing in the Passo dei Pecorai area - the young people declare - we found everything, 25 car tires, some of which buried by branches and leaves that we unearthed by digging with special balls, and then toilets, sinks, gas cylinders, mason's buckets, tents, car rims, plastic boxes and tarpaulins, glass bottles and much more. We took a short journey, compared to the one planned, because we spent a long time in this area that looked like a real open-air dump. When we collect waste, we take care to arrange it along the road in the appropriate bags so that the manager of the Alia waste collection service can make his steps and collect it as soon as possible. If citizens notice the presence of some bags of waste in the first days of the week, these are not to be attributed to incorrect deliveries or abandonments but to our extraordinary cleaning days that we try to maintain on a weekly basis ".

Enthusiastic about the activity of the Ris is the Councilor for the Environment Simona Forzoni. “The boys are truly an example for our territory, not only for their commitment to environmental issues - the commissioner points out - but for the concreteness of their actions that they carry out in a punctual and cadenced manner, anything but occasional. The municipal administration has taken steps to support and support them together with Alia, providing them with personalized bibs and gloves and enrolling them in the register of civic volunteers. As Councilor for the Environment, I am taking care of organizing specific ecological days and walks in Chianti together with children, families and all those who care about the territory, a Chianti to be respected and loved in everyday life ". The next exit is scheduled for Sunday 12 January in the Passo dei Pecorai area. They are part of Ris Marco Ferri, Silvia Ferri, Mirko Batacchi, Stefano Catarzi, Celeste Gensini, Martina Leone, Lorenzo Pinzauti, Giulia Barlazzi, Francesco Moscadelli, Francesca Secci, Jacopo Del Corso, Veronica Fantechi, Raul Degli'Innocenti, Tommaso Fazzi, Irene Viti, Simone Russo , Sara Fiaschi.