The TAR for Tuscany rejected the appeal presented by the group Metaenergia Srl to which the Municipality of Greve in Chianti had denied the introduction of a variant in the urban planning tools for the construction of a new power plant, with natural gas endothermic engines, in the locality of Testi in Greve in Chianti, in the beautiful hills of the Black Rooster.

Faced with the danger of the construction of the new plant, which would also have had a negative impact on the urban level, the Foundation for the Protection of the Chianti Classico Territory, which has as its specific mission to protect the environmental heritage of the district of Black Rooster, was immediately activated, taking part in the public consultation process opened by Greve in Chianti, within which he expressed his clear opposition to the project, presenting his observations on the matter.

Faced with the appeal by the proposing company against the resolution of the Municipality of Greve in Chianti of December 2019, with which the Administration formalized its denial of the variant necessary for the construction of the plant, the Foundation considered it essential to take further action, intervening in the context of the appeal and thus formally opposing in court, assisted by Avv. Claudia Del Re

The outcome of the sentence in favor of the Municipality of Greve can therefore only represent an important milestone for the Foundation and for the institutional activity it has always carried out with commitment and perseverance.

photo: A.Samecka

“We are happy and fully satisfied with the positive outcome of the TAR ruling - he says Tessa Capponi Borawska, President of the institution - our Foundation has always been active in the protection of the Chianti landscape and cultural heritage, therefore we could only intervene in a resolute manner in this case as well. The Foundation has always been vigilant and present, ready to offer its support, wherever there are emergencies and problems that could put our wonderful territory at risk ".