Grand Mugello Day 2017, the party at the Palazzo dei Vicari


With the "Sectello", a knife that celebrates the 700 years of the tradition of knives of scarperia, mayor Federico ignesti cuts the first form of Grand Mugello Ubaldino production 2016. A ritual now in its seventh edition and that every year in October sees celebrate the cheese cooked in mugello.

Below this tower of the XIII century season for at least 1 year the forms of a first Tuscan excellence.

"The Ubaldine Caves are natural environments, perfect for maturing" - he says Carlo Bolli, Historical Farm the Palagiaccio - "with a humidity and a temperature that allows the cheese to season in an exceptional way. The cheese is also massaged into the crust with extra virgin olive oil, restoring its aromas and softness. "

A product completely handcrafted in each of its processing, this cheese is born in fact exclusively with farm milk produced from September to May. Its points of foza: the short chain and respect for seasonality.

"The Mediterranean diet means biodiversity, seasonality and balance" - he says Luigi Bolli, Historical Farm the Palagiaccio - "in the context of the highest quality that we in Italy are fortunate to have. We are the world reference point for food, which for us is also culture. "

An event that of the Grand Mugello Day which also saw the participation of the director of Culture Magazine, important and prestigious American magazine dedicated to food.

"The Historic Farm the Palagiaccio is a beautiful example of a company where the present lives together with technological innovations and craftsmanship that follow a strict quality path, together with history. "- tells Ms. Lassa Skinner CEO of "Cultur Magazine" - "There is so much past, in fact Ubaldine Caves, the Tower, Il Grand Mugello Ubaldino born here in the Fattoria il Palagiaccio is a cheese of the highest quality that tells a thousand-year history. "

During the event also the award ceremony of the 3 winners of the contest Lactidamanangiare 3.0.the competition dedicated to Italian food bloggers, this year's winner comes from the piedmont: Arianna Rogina.

Not only food at gran mugello day, the first natural cosmetic milk in history, is also used by the company for the creation of a line of high quality cosmetic products.

"Milk has always been considered the first natural cosmetic in history, and this tradition has been taken over from Tuscany Farm in the line of products for the face and body "- he says Massimo Rovini, Tuscany Farm sales manager - " Tuscany Farm represents the beauty of the world of Mugello, we have lines for large retailers, for pharmacies with special formulations, and the spearhead of the baby line. "

Appointment for everyone at 2018, at the palace of the vicars of Scarperia, in Mugello


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