Already at the beginning of 900 there were precious editions in the "bottega" and the premises were frequented by people like Gabriele D'Annunzio, Giovanni Papini, or Benedetto Croce

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A place of charm and seduction also due to the beauty of its historic and famous surroundings Gonnelli room: an ancient covered courtyard, with portals, columns and windows in sixteenth-century serene stone used for exhibitions and events.


Marco Manetti  nephew of Luigi Gonnelli is the custodian of a very old family tradition, and even today in the original site of the bookshop, keeps alive the 3 areas of activity with which the ancient shop was born: the purchase and sale of old books, an editorial activity and the management of book collections through the auction house activity.

The invitation for all is to try a unique feeling, that of entering a place where you can really experience the emotion that only a book can transfer


Founded in 1875

Via Ricasoli 6 -14r Florence