In a Florence besieged by a hit-and-run tourism, where it often happens that suddenly, from one day to the next, a historic business sadly lowers the shutter and that in its place a wine shop, a minimarket or, in its place, appears almost by magic. best of all, a colorful shop of trendy brands but with roots very far from the soul of the city, some resist and, not only, it affirms itself very well in the world of luxury craftsmanship.

It is the case of Tommaso Pestelli and his life and work partner Eva Aulmann who, with great creative passion, for years are dedicated to the ancient goldsmith art, one of the excellence of Made in Italy, with furnishing creations unique and refined. The works of Pestelli, we must remember, are also exhibited at the Museo degli Argenti in Palazzo Pitti.

And thanks to these artifacts of unquestionable beauty, the worldwide success has also arrived: Tommaso Pestelli won, in the Elegance category, the 2019 "Les Talents du Luxe et de la Création" award and the Center du Luxe et de la Création in Paris assigns each year to the greatest creative talents working in the field of luxury.


Tommaso, it must be said, is a son of art and represents the fourth generation of the prestigious family of goldsmiths and Pestelli jewelers which begins the activity in Florence as early as 1908. The creativity and manual elegance that characterizes it therefore have ancient and deep roots.

But the two artisans, who have carried out this great artistic legacy more than worthily, immediately felt the need to evolve and explore other forms of expression, while remaining faithful to traditional jewelery techniques.

And so, in addition to the beautiful jewels, precious cufflinks and elegant table accessories, Pestelli dedicated themselves to the creation of objects that are true works of art.

"I have always been attracted by the charm of the object as such, detached from a specific function - Tommaso is keen to specify - perhaps also thanks to my studies at the Academy of Fine Arts, and later at the Opificio delle Pietre Dure, which led me to deepen the art of sculpture and restoration ".

The works of Thomas and Eve are inspired by theRenaissance art from which they derive above all the taste for the surprise, for the magic that can arise from the sight of an object manipulated by the architect, who, with great refinement, assembles anthropomorphic forms, everyday objects or elements of nature with precious stones and precious metals. Exclusive and highly original works that have conquered an increasingly vast, international and demanding public.

"We specialize in decorative objects designed by us that may surprise those who observe them, as in a sort of ancient" wunderkammer ", or chamber of wonders", explains the artist.

“In recent years we have had the satisfaction of entering the world of luxury craftsmanship and opening up to an international market which today represents the most important part of our customers. - Eva says - Of course, times have changed and perhaps we lack a little direct relationship with people; buyers contact us from all over the world via email, we often never meet them in person. "

Pestelli's work is now known all over the world but the two craftsmen have not got their heads together: "we continue to work in our workshop in the village of SS. Apostles, without aid, with the same passion it's the same creative energy that accompanies all our work. Our strength is just this: the enthusiasm of shaping together something beautiful, unique, satisfying and satisfying the customer".

Of course nowadays there are difficulties in this work. Craftsmanship, and in general the old shops, which have always been part of the Florence landscape and identity, should be more protected. With the rents to the stars, little attention to the safeguard of the historical exercises and, above all in the center, impossible building rules, it becomes very hard to resist.

“In this way, even traditional craftsmanship is destined to disappear, the only possibility of salvation is to have a creative idea, something that departs from the crowd”, says Tommaso. And on creativity, there is no doubt, the Pestelli goldsmith shop is a true forge of ingenuity and beauty destined to keep the name of Florence high in Italy and in the world.