On the occasion of the Rai fiction presentation "The doctors. Lorenzo the Magnificent ", held in Palazzo Medici Riccardi, the seat of the Metropolitan City of Florence, the stage costumes by the costume designer Alessandro Lai were exhibited in the halls of the museum itinerary and the Sala del Caminetto.

As part of the museum itinerary, thanks to an agreement with Lux Vide, the following costumes can be admired until 31 October 2018: party dress by Lucrezia Donati, party dress by Lucrezia Tornabuoni, wedding dress by Lorenzo De 'Medici, wedding dress of Clarice Orsini, then the dresses of Giovanni di Bicci De' Medici and Jacopo Pazzi, the "neo-classical" of Simonetta Vespucci, wedding dresses of Bianca De 'Medici and Giuliano De' Medici. Here are some details on the individual dresses, with reference to the actors who wore them.

"'Lucrezia Tornabuoni / Sarah Parish"'
Party dress in light blue oil wool cloth Sleeves in antique silk ham embroidered with stylized floral motifs in burnished silver gold and beads. Dragon fabric. Biella Gioielli Tharros Bijoux-Florence Tailoring Lux Vide -Rome


"'Lucrezia Donati / Alessandra Mastronardi"'
Pink printed silk party dress with black geometric and floral motifs. Sleeves in pink silk faille with black embroidery taken from a portrait of a lady by Antonio del Pollaiuolo Hopkins & Hopkins fabric-London Jewels Tharros Bijoux -Florence Sartoria Lux Vide-Rome

"'Lorenzo de' Medici / Daniel Sharman" '
Wedding dress consisting of a black cloth jacket with dark purple silk sleeves with geometric patterns. Giornea in purple silk velvet with gold thread stitching. Edged with brown beaver fur. Lorenzo the Magnificent made the color purple his representative color. New color symbol of power. In this way dictating a new fashion, which distinguished the city of Florence up to the present day. One example among others: "Viola" are defined as the Fiorentina players, dressed in Lorenzo's favorite color. Rubelli Fabrics - Venice Boots Del Carlo Sartoria Lux Vide-Rome

"'Clarice Orsini / Synnøve Karlsen"'
Wedding dress in various silks joined and made in various shades of red with ample and long sopramaniche of neo-gothic style.
Hopkins & Hopkins fabric -London Jewels Tharros Bijoux-Firenze Sartoria Lux Vide-Rome

"'Giovanni di Bicci de' Medici / Dustin Hoffman" '
Gunic tunic and medieval travel hood with cartridge-belt motifs.
Fabrics Rubelli Sartoria Tirelli-Rome

"'Jacopo Pazzi / Sean Bean"'
Leather and silk doublet with detachable shoulder pads. Trousers inspired by the fustian lace-ups.
Boots Del Carlo -Lucca Tailoring Tirelli -Rome

"'Simonetta Vespucci / Matilda Lutz"'
“Neo-classical” dress with an ancient Greek cut created for the portrait of Venus and Mars by Sandro Botticelli (National Gallery - London). Made of powder-colored silk tulle and edging with antique burnished metal zagana. Worn "naked".
Jewelery Tharros bijoux-Florence Tailoring Lux Vide-Rome

"'Bianca de' Medici / Aurora Ruffino" '
Wedding dress composed of a reinterpreted zimarra made of ruby ​​red silk organza with fur trims. Burnished red silk dress with decorations and gold profiles.
Jewelery Tharros bijoux -Firenze Tailoring Antonio Riva-Milan

"'Giuliano de' Medici / Bradley James" '
Irregular silk velvet doublet with metal buttons and fustany trousers.
Boots Del Carlo-Lucca Tailoring Lux Vide-Rome