The tradition of "making ice cream" is from the family, already from 1978 Sergio Brilli with her "Bottega del Gelato"Serves Florentine ice creams from 40 years, today the son Tommaso and his partner Giada renew the family history.

"With the Stickhouse of Florence, we were the pioneers of the franchised ice-cream shop "- he says Tommaso Brilli - “our handmade stick ice creams are born in this shop, thanks to the use of selected and top quality materials. Ours are not ice lollies, but very good ice creams, made through a particular process of micro-crystallization without air insufflation. "

It's a cool December morning, and my friend Claudia Bondi organized at the point of sale in via Giacomini in Florence, a meeting with the experts, to taste the latest tastes proposed for the winter season. The taste begins immediately in a special way with a finger food "Gorgonzola and pearl with a khaki flavor", An orange ball resting on a drop of sweet gorgonzola, the mix in the mouth is really nice.

"We have many classic tastes, both cream and fruit" - he says Giada Crafa - “then everyone is free to personalize it with the addition of dark or milk chocolate, and finally the pralines. Among the flavors we also have two spirits: one Mojito and a Campari Orange.

The exploration then focused on two products that constitute a real flag of the brand, that is Stick Merenda and Waffle: the first one, present in the four flavors chocolate, cheesecake, coconut and coffee with rum, is distinguished by its triangular shape and is a real "walking cake" with an unmistakable taste that comes from sponge cake with rice flour wet in the ice cream.

The Waffles they are prepared by hand with rice flour and then can be decorated with chocolate, powdered sugar but also, once purchased and consumed at home, garnished with other ingredients such as honey, jams or maple syrup, making them ideal for breakfast , snack, snack and dessert.

Good ice cream is not eaten only in summer, the advice for everyone is to taste these little masterpieces at least once.