Gelato, in Florence the tropical sorbet welcomes the summer [VIDEO]

Giada Crafa and Tommaso Brilli, owners of Stickhouse Florence, presented the new sorbets, perfect for the good weather

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The warm weather arrives and the desire for good and fresh begins to be felt. Sometimes it takes little, maybe a great one gelato or an sorbet fruit, possibly a exotic taste, to find yourself already immersed in the cheerful and carefree summer atmosphere. And if this delicious dessert is also artisanal, prepared exclusively with top quality ingredients and free of emulsifiers, dyes, preservatives or artificial flavors, then it really is a party.

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Ice cream and sorbets on a stick Stickhouse, in addition to presenting all these features, they are also very beautiful to look at and, thanks to the popsicle-style stick, definitely very practical to enjoy and take home, perhaps enclosed in the appropriate Tasting box.

The tastes and combinations of flavors are many, often very original, and make these fresh desserts a real must in the category.

A force that they understood well Tommaso Brilli and his wife Giada Crafa, holders of Stickhouse Florence, which for years have been creating these modern stick ice creams with passion and success and which, for the summer 2019, have decided to present the new tropical sorbets with mango, maracuja and pineapple flavors in an exceptional location, the splendid terrace of the Panorama Restaurant, inside theHotel La Scaletta, a stone's throw from Piazza Pitti.

"We are here to present you a line of tropical products that we have brought to taste to open the summer season. - specifies Jade - Sorbets are our strong point because they are made with more than 60% of fruit and only water and fructose added. This makes them particularly tasty and completely different from what you can taste in the traditional ice cream scene ”.

In addition to fruit sorbets, Giada and Tommaso make us taste small colored delights that look like lollipops, they are ice cream pearls on a stick, delicious bon bon to bite to the most varied tastes. A delight that you would always like to have available in the fridge of your home when the desire for dessert takes over.

"Our ice creams and our pearls are all handmade, genuine at 100% and, in the case of fruit sorbets, they are vegan and gluten-free, suitable for everyone - he explains Thomas - to achieve them we use only top quality and carefully selected materials ”.

Luis Hajrullai, responsible of Panorama Restaurant, which hosted the event, explains: "Ours is a small reality within this rooftop, on the sixth floor of Palazzo Guicciardini, and we decided to offer our location for the presentation of Stickhouse sorbets also because with Giada and Tommaso a collaboration is being born, we have in bridge a project that will most probably be called “ice cream cocktail on a stick”.

Indeed the tropical sorbets are really good, the taste of the genuine fruit and of first quality arrives immediately in the mouth and the pleasantness lasts a long time. A real discovery to savor the coming summer even better.

Enjoy Chianti

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