On the crest of the wave. The book by Giovanni Nencini, published by Sarnus, dedicated to the father Gastone forty years after his death. Together with the author, the presentation was attended by the journalist Marco Pasquini, the publisher Antonio Pagliai and Matilde Gamannossi Degl'Innocenti.

Giovanni Nencini

The volume focuses on the human and sporting events of the great cyclist originally from Mugello. The author, Giovanni Nencini, was born in Florence in 1960, a few months after his father 's victory at Tour de France. Collector of vintage bikes, he writes articles for specialized magazines and dedicates himself with passion to the world of two wheels.

In this book he reconstructs, also through his father's original letters, the efforts, passions, feats, fortunes and misfortunes of that Tour. Next to the sporting parable, a large space is dedicated to the 'clandestine' love story between Gastone and Maria Pia, a Florentine girl who later manages to marry and become the mother of her son.


The book gives a moving portrait of the cyclist and the man, telling us at the same time an era that, with the advent of the sponsors, marked the transition from "heroic" to modern cycling.