It is the Mediterranean, a crossroads of peoples and traditions that mix and reverberate in colors, lights, figures, memories that are now vivid, now faded, dreamed and melancholy, to form the backdrop to many of his works. Alla Mentana Art Gallery Saturday 30st January the awaited personal exhibition of Savior Stores entitled "The Journey of Memory".

The exhibition presents a varied summa of an original artistic path that unfolds between the cities that are reflected in mare nostrum but which also face the roughness of the Atlas. And the teeming with life in the Berber markets is accompanied by the quiet coves where the fishing boats fall asleep.


The collection is completed by the Maestro's look at the United States. And here is Magazzini's Nashville where the light turns into artificial light and the bright colors of the sunset reverberate in an advertising billboard that fades into the distance.

Salvatore Magazzini was born on February 28, 1955 in Pistoia, where he lives and works. It has been exhibiting since 1969 and is present in important Italian and foreign collections: in Switzerland, France, the United States, Germany, Japan, Morocco and Colombia. Since 1991 he has been included in the international catalog of Prandi graphics in Reggio Emilia and in the most popular Italian auctions such as Pace, Pananti, Fidesarte, Finarte, Farsetti, Meeting art and Pandolfini.

Among the critics Mario Luzi he said of him: “Magazzini's painting surprises me as a familiar yet unexpected page. He can, like few other twentieth-century painters who preceded him, combine vision and solidity. And in fact I look at these landscapes firmly implanted in their substance and in the attention and imagination of the artist who works to transform them with concrete pleasure. To transform them into themselves, without betraying them. So we too feel them more real than the fragmentary reality from which they have been subtracted. A clean, firm, convincing art ".

Access to the exhibition is free in compliance with anti-COVID 19 regulations.