In Italian it means "Good Auspice", and "Fulin " - in Chinese - is definitely the (won) bet of Gianni Ugolini, profession photographer and deep culture and passionate about Chinese traditions. In via Giampaolo Orsini, in his building designed by Poggi, today it is possible to live an immersive experience in authentic Chinese cuisine.

"In the past, my parents were selling textiles in this building," he says Gianni Ugolini, active collaborator of the restaurant Fulin from Florence - "Here I spent the most important moments of my childhood, with my family and my grandmother who was one of the first Italian designers."

Gianni Ugolini with his grappino, inherited from his father

And al Fulin nothing is left to chance, starting from the authentic Chinese style furnishings, to the various environments that know how to express intimacy and, at the same time, conviviality. The beautiful terrace with view on Villa La Vedetta, located on the first floor of the building, on summer evenings it comes alive and here you can also taste cocktails with an oriental scent.

"First you eat with your eyes" - continues Gianni - "aesthetics and image are very important to me. Every dish we serve in our restaurant has its own matched pottery, its well-known characteristic that is needed to bring out the dish itself. "

The tasting begins with a selection of appetizers, including the Truffle Raviolone, the Ginseng ravioli, and the exquisite Caramelized rolls stuffed with prawns with chives, ginger and water chestnuts.

Among the first I was able to taste the Rice spaghetti with oriental sauce, with pork, Xiang-gu mushrooms and bean sprouts, flavored with garlic and spring onions.

"The pasta we serve at Fulin it is prepared here, in our kitchens "- tells Gianni -" our ravioli are made by hand every day, like our soy sauce. The flavors of our dishes are authentic, refined and sincere, but above all without glutamate. "

And it is really true, in every dish you can pleasantly distinguish each ingredient, even the most hidden one. The right balance between all the components of each dish is perceived in an extraordinary way, both sweet and salty rather than sour and spicy.

"Our recipes are typical of Cantonese cuisine" - explains Gianni - "with one foot in the Tuscan territory, like ours Fulin green beans, sautéed with marinated olive leaves and crunchy almonds. We have five chefs in the kitchen, chosen and selected directly in their homeland, each with its own value that it transfers daily into the dishes of Fulin. "

For the second I tasted Meeting, a Cantonese-style pork tenderloin and fried prawns sautéed with peanuts, almonds, onion, garlic and crunchy chillies and an excellent and original Lamb-based date recipe.

The tasting, in the company of the beautiful Roberta Capanni and Nadia Fondelli, ended with a Fried ice cream by Vetulio Bondi, with wild strawberries.

Francesco and Stefano Dai, restaurant owners together with the collaborator Gianni Ugolini, they managed to create in Florence a place where they could live an experience, because of this we speak, in traditional Chinese cuisine. Those who want to learn about the flavors, recipes and atmosphere of China are invited to visit at least once in this elegant restaurant, where you can really discover one of the oldest food cultures in the world.