It is entitled "Painting with the right hemisphere of the brain" the workshop dedicated to the visual arts that the master Francesco Musante held in Lucca from the 9 to the 15 September 2019.

The training path, created thanks to the synergy between LEA - Lucca Experientia Artis and Lu.CCA Museum with the coordination of Omina, is a full immersion in the world of painting, graphics and illustration through the imaginative imagination of the master Francesco Musante. Intended for painters, graphic designers, illustrators or simple art lovers, the workshop aims to deepen the painting technique, the tools and the links with emotions, thoughts, moods and the right hemisphere of our brain, today indispensable for tracing back to the genesis of every artistic work. "I never thought - underlines Musante - of teaching: my work absorbs me so much that I have no time for much else. This project, however, is different. Living side by side with a limited number of students will allow me to convey my artistic experience and to share my cultural approach. I am sure that I will learn many things myself during the in-depth seminars and in the interaction with the participants ".

It will be a week of study and intensive laboratory to draw and paint together with the master Musante, to deepen themes of art criticism and museology with the director of Lu.CCA Maurizio Vanni, to confront with Domenico Raimondi, art director of LEA, on installations and communication 4.0 and to interact with the artists and professionals of the world of visual arts who will make forays for the occasion of Convictus. Participants will also visit places where the work of an artist is born, is formed and presents and will have the opportunity to express their creativity by discussing techniques and ideas. "Knowing one of our favorite artists - explains Maurizio Vanni -, learn his technique and his visual narration, spend a lot of time with him in one of the most evocative historical cities of our country, attend seminars, workshops and talk shows held from great professionals, to visit sites of great cultural and artistic interest, including foundries for bronze sculptures and laboratories for the processing of statuary marble, and to dream of returning home different from how we arrived. This is not the art school held by the master Musante, but a unique experience to discover the emotional genesis of the whole! ".

An entire week dedicated to fantasy, color and creative passion in the company of the master Musante who, as for the previous LEA-sponsored workshops, will live together with the participants welcomed in the evocative atmosphere of the convictus, a former convent converted into a residence for artists. There will therefore not only be activities, but also moments of conviviality to discover the intimate creative soul of Musante, the techniques and anecdotes of a professional story of the highest level.

The workshop with the teacher Francesco Musante will close the series of residential workshops that gave birth to the first training program of LEA - Lucca Experientia Artis which led to Lucca internationally renowned artists such as the director Peter Greenaway, the photographer Toni Thorimbert and the soprano Raina Kabaivanska.

"The path taken - concludes Domenico Raimondi - is giving great formative and human emotions. The proposal of Lucca Experientia Artis it is a novelty, but the results obtained in such a short time from the launch confirm that the demand for strong and complete experiences exists. Living several days side by side with a great artist means giving yourself the opportunity to acquire and share information and skills in a unique and exclusive way. Those who lived the LEA experience were satisfied and the results produced during the workshops are proof of this. Furthermore the convictus it is the ideal place to host experiences of this type: an oasis of peace and spirituality that allows you to abandon yourself to your passion, moving away from the frenzy of our time, and which ensures the right concentration to live such unique and special experiences ".

The LEA team is already working on the new training program which, in addition to the areas already undertaken, will expand the training proposal by touching on further artistic areas and will develop over a longer period: from spring to late summer 2020. All information will be available on the website and in the official social pages.


Born in Genoa on February 17 1950, Francesco Musante is one of the main Ligurian artists. He graduated first at the Art School of the Ligurian capital and then at the detached Albertina section of Fine Arts in Turin, he enrolled at the Faculty of Philosophy of Genoa and attended painting courses at the Academy of Fine Arts of Carrara.

His first artistic experiments date back to 1967. In the 1973 he begins a successful artistic career also as an engraver. In 1975 he devoted himself to figurative painting, initially creating a series of female figures inspired by Klimt and the Viennese Secession. A theme that will cover over ten years using the most diverse techniques - from watercolor, to oil, to collage, to engraving - and various supports - canvas, wood, ceramics, slab, paper. These works will be exhibited in a series of exhibitions in Rome, Genoa, La Spezia, Milan and Odessa (USSR).

Little by little the work with graphics and watercolors also begins, where we can see the first narrative and fantastic cues that distinguish his work from 1985 until today: his "little men" appear who seem to come from a storybook and inserted in contexts full of objects, characters and words. His paintings finally come out of a "dramatic" atmosphere and become lighter.

Since 1971 more than 400 personal exhibitions have taken place in Italy and abroad. Among the group shows include the participation in the 8 International Triennal of Committed Graphics in the German Democratic Republic of Berlin (1986), various editions of the Salon de la Jeune Peinture at the Grand Palais in Paris (1987 and 1988), Interarte in Valencia ( from 1988 to 1990), Biaf of Barcelona (1989), Lineart International Art Fair in Gent (from 1991 to 1993), The Artist and the Book in 20th Century at the Museum of Modern Art in New York (1993), Artist's Books twentieth century Italians at the Peggy Gugghenheim Museum in Venice (1994).

During his artistic career he has dedicated himself to the illustration of various story books and fairy tales. He also collaborated, lending his "characters", to the creation of the theme song and the scenographies of the television show Zelig 2007. He also performed the sketches for the sets and costumes for the Bohemia of the Carlo Felice Theater in Genoa.



09.09 Monday Arrival and accommodation of guests at CONvictUS. Presentation and knowledge activities.

10.09 Tuesday Maurizio Vanni presents Francesco Musante who dialogues and paints with the participants. Visit to the Giacomo Puccini's Birthplace Museum

11.09 Wednesday Francesco Musante talks and paints with the workshop participants. In the afternoon meeting with gallery owner.

12.09 Thursday Morning painting workshop. Afternoon in Pietrasanta to visit the historic Mariani Artistic Foundry, the Marble Studio Stagetti marble workshop and the study of the Korean sculptress Choi Yoon Sook.

13.09 Friday Musante and Vanni analyze the works of the artists. Following intervention by Maurizio Vanni "Profession artist. Academies, museums, galleries, fairs and the future of contemporary art". In the afternoon visit to the photo exhibition of Werner Bischof exhibited at the Lu.CCA Museum and to follow, in the Emotional Space GreenheArt, talk show “Paint with the right hemisphere of the brain. Instinct, passion or neuro marketing?"

14.09 Saturday In the morning, intervention by Domenico Raimondi on "The importance of social activity for artists". In the afternoon guided tour of the city of Lucca.

15.09 Sunday Conclusion of the work and awarding of diplomas.



Info and registration via the website and updates on social media luccaexperient1

9 - 15 SEPTEMBER 2019
Category: Painting and visual arts
Partner: Lu.CCA Museum

Executive coordination: Omina