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An edition characterized by excellence that of Foood and Wine in Progress 2018, thousands of visitors who have tasted the many wines at the tasting tables as well as the rich panorama of proposals dedicated to food.

"An important response from the public - comments the President of AIS Toscana Cristiano Cini - which for us is tantamount to a full marks promotion of a tried and tested formula, in which we believe and in which we want to continue to believe. Once again the right synergies have been created between Ais Toscana and Regional Union Chefs Toscani to bring out a program of absolute interest, able to enhance each other's professionalism. My first Food & Wine in Progress as President also could not have had better baptism: with the delivery of a special prize, "The Excellence of Food & Wine in Progress"To Giorgio Pinchiorri. An icon of world catering, an example for the world of sommellerie ".

This year the Leopolda kermesse was also the prestigious stage from which Coldiretti Tuscany launched the European petition "Eat original! Unmask your food"(Eat original, unmask your food) to ask the Commission of Brussels to act on the transparency and information to the consumer on the origin of what he eats. Target 1 million signatures in at least 7 EU countries to defeat forever ANONYMOUS FOOD that we risk finding ourselves in the pot.

In short, another successful edition, which attracted thousands of young people, consumers increasingly sensitive to excellence Made in Tuscany.


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